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The Earth First! Newswire Has Moved

9 Sep

The Earth First! Newswire has moved to a new location:

Check it out to see the latest news in the world of eco-resistance.

***NOTE: If the links above redirect you back here instead of to the new site, try deleting your browsing history/cache***

You can also find more Earth First! Media resources at

Thanks for following us to our new location. We hope you enjoy the new layout!

For the wild,
The Earth First! Journal Collective


Last Call for Earth First! Journal Submissions: Samhain 2013

30 Aug

Hey Readers,

photo-mainFirst off, thanks to everyone who has sent us submissions in the past few months! We have received amazing articles, stories, poetry, and even some stimulating hate mail. Y’all are holding it down, and thanks to you the next issue is going to be bursting at the seams with the heartbeat of revolution and the wild howls of eco-resistance.

While we are always accepting submissions to the Journal and Newswire, we would like to remind you all that the deadline for submissions for the next issue of the Journal, Samhain, is September 1st. The issue will be published digitally this year.

You can email submissions to, or mail them to:

Earth First! Journal
PO Box 964
Lake Worth, FL 33460

We’d love to see anything you’d like to share, but are especially interested in original art, comics, and other creative pieces on the less-heavy side of things. It’s easy to get bogged down by ever-looming perfect storm of ecological destruction, so please, feel free to make us laugh!

Thanks, and keep an eye out for the next issue!

For the wild,
Earth First! Journal Collective

Dear Readers: Write to Us!

16 Aug

Dear Earth First! Journal and Newswire readers,


Image from Jen Montes

As you may or may not know, each issue of the Earth First! Journal has a letters to the editor section called “Dear Shit for Brains.” We print this section each and every issue because we love hearing your thoughts, and because we feel that it’s good for the movement to share different perspectives, to have ideas in articles challenged or enforced, and to be able to share new tactics from activists around the world.

But the internet is threatening this age-old tradition. And understandably so. As I write this Newswire post I am intermittently alternating between tabs, scrolling through social networking sites, and leaving witty one-liners in comment threads, all without my pants on. It’s tempting to never leave the computer.

Sadly, this seems to be the norm. Aside from  the awesome mail we receive from prisoners, most of our letters these days are on the threatening side, and coming from the IRS and various utility companies. This has meant that we end up pulling content for “Dear Shit for Brains” from other locations, like Newswire comments, tweets, and cryptic anonymous emails (keep sending those please, whoever you are).

So, write to us! Email us! Let us know how you feel. Tell us why you liked an article, what you’d like to see in the next issue, what you and your friends did to that condo development in the wee hours of the night, or why you hated the Wolf Hunt Sabotage Manual and what you do to treehuggers who threaten your “harvest.” We want to hear it all. As always, try and keep your letters to 300 words or less so that we can share as much content as possible.

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Video: New documentary about former Eco-Prisoner Jonathan Paul

29 Sep


A short documentary, from the Rescued series, about Jonathan Paul, a former Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist who served 51 months in federal prison for a series of crimes in defense of animals, including the 1997 arson of the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse in Oregon.

Paul talks about his first raids on a vivisection lab, his life “underground” and the investigation that lead to his arrest.

In other animal liberation news, check out this coverage of a pheasant release at a Canby, Oregon game farm claimed by the ALF last week.

Monday Morning Inspiration

6 Aug

Report Back from Cherán K’eri Convergence

12 Jun

Cross Posted from El Enemigo Comun

The Cherán K’eri uprising on April 15, 2011 and the process of self-government now underway in that community is, for many, a source of inspiration, a strong show of resistance to be defended, and an experience to learn from. That’s why around 500 people from 15 cities in Mexico and 11 countries in the world set up camp just outside this Purépecha town in Michoacán on May 24-27, 2012, as part of the National Encounter of Autonomous Anti-Capitalist Resistance. The idea was to lend support to the Cherán community and share experiences of autonomy, options of self-organization, and ways of living in harmony with nature.

During three marches through the streets of the town, people shouted: We’re with you, Cherán! You can count on us, Cherán!

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Bloomington, Indiana: Block Party for Long-term Anarchist Prisoners

12 Jun

Cross Posted from

A festive march took the streets of Bloomington, Indiana on Sunday afternoon, June 10th. This event was for the June 11th day of solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, as well as longterm anarchist prisoners in the U.S. and internationally. The parade (complete with a drum line and banners) marched through downtown, making a stop at the Jail to make a ton of noise and try and communicate solidarity with those trapped inside.

The group proceeded to take over all three lanes of traffic on one side of the main square downtown. Couches were pulled into the street, caution tape was strung across all lanes of traffic and barbeque grills were lit. A water balloon fight ensued, and a cop-car-shaped piñata was hoisted. The space was held for about 15 minutes without incident when the cops, who had passively tailed the march for its duration, got out of their cars and began to encroach upon the revelers.

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Nearly 6,500 Acres Protected as Critical Habitat for Endangered Mississippi Gopher Frogs

11 Jun

by the Center for Biological Diversity

A Mississippi gopher frog (rana capito sevosa)

JACKSON, Miss.— In response to a lawsuit and advocacy by the Center for Biological Diversity, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today designated 6,477 acres of protected critical habitat for endangered Mississippi gopher frogs. The critical habitat, which includes areas in both Mississippi and Louisiana, is more than three times the acreage proposed by the Service in 2010.

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Oceans in Peril: How Carbon Dioxide is Changing Our Oceans

11 Jun

by Jaclyn Lopez / Latina Lysta

Pteropods, or sea butterflies, are tiny, free-swimming marine snails which have developed two wing-like flaps in place of the large muscular foot of most snails. They beat these ‘wings’ constantly to remain near the surface of the ocean.

You may have heard the news that atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have pushed past 400 parts per million at monitoring stations in the Arctic.

Carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping gas, in fact the most pervasive greenhouse gas contributing to climate change, and scientists are noting this signpost with concern as it indicates that the effects of increased CO2 and climate change – soaring pollution and temperatures, melting sea ice and glaciers, and rising sea levels – will continue unabated for the foreseeable future. What you may not have heard is what this milestone means for our oceans and marine life.

Ocean acidification is the lesser known consequence of greenhouse gas pollution. Every day we release millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere, and a significant portion is absorbed by our oceans. The oceans’ regulation of our climate via absorption is a natural process, but the amount of CO2 our oceans are now absorbing is unprecedented and is causing our oceans to become more acidic.

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West By Northwest

11 Jun

UPDATE from RTNA: “Due to unforeseen logistical issues, Rising Tide North America is pulling back from and canceling the West By Northwest No Coal Exports Action Camp… We’re instead focusing our time and resources on supporting the Coal Exports Action in Helena, Mont. taking place Aug. 10-20. ‘The Coal Exports Action,’ at this juncture, is more strategic use of the Rising Tide’s time and resources as its focus is to affect a decision from the Montana Land Board on coal exports in the West.” For more info, check out the Anti-Coal Export Actions in Helena, Aug. 10-20.

No Coal Exports Action Camp, August 2-10, 2012

Arrest following recent action against coal extraction in Wyoming.

This summer, climate activists from all over will be headed to the heart of Wyoming’s coalfields to raise awareness about the impacts of the life cycle of coal (mining, exports, burning). West By Northwest, a No Coal Exports Action Camp will be convened by High Country Rising Tide, Rising Tide North America and host of other environmental and community organizations Continue reading