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Why You Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Clear-cutting

28 Aug

by Earth First! News


OK, forget what you’ve known in your heart, what you’ve learned in ecology class and what Earth First! has been fighting against for decades. A new video by, an offshoot of Dovetail Partners, Inc, wants to sell you a heaping helping of bullsh*t wrapped in green capitalist forest industry toilet paper.  

You’ll hear all about the virtues of clear-cutting, which according to the video, is the most ecologically sound logging method because it helps trees and wildlife thrive.  

Should you love or hate this video, it might be nice to call these hacks up at their office at 612-333-0430 or email them at  

You might also try contacting Dr. Sarah Stai, a so-called ecologist working with Her email address is Ask her why she is using her degree to support the profits of the logging industry. claims to be “your source for environmental information which is understandable, unbiased, accurate, and available in a wide variety of formats.” You can “friend” them on Facebook at and their office address is 528 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN. Pay them a visit sometime.

Viral Video: Naming Hurricanes After Politicians Who Deny Climate Change

27 Aug

by Laura Beans / EcoWatch

A new campaign was kicked off yesterday, aimed at increasing awareness of climate change and its link to extreme weather. 350 Action released a video petitioning the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to change the way they name severe storms.

The WMO’s current naming system randomly selects common first names to assign to storms, such as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina. The campaign calls on the WMO to instead name the storms after actual policy makers who deny climate change, like Sen. Rubio (R-FL) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

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Caught on Tape: One of World’s Rarest Orchids — Watch Video

29 Jul

from the Center for Biological Diversity

Photo by Ron Coleman

Photo by Ron Coleman

Coleman’s coralroot is a stunning purple orchid that exists in only a few mountain ranges in the Southwest. Fewer than 200 are known to exist in the wild, and they remain a mystery: Biologists don’t even know how the flowers are pollinated, largely because there are so few individuals — and because the elusive plants spend most of their lives underground.

It’s extremely rare to actually see these orchids in the wild. Recently, though, Center for Biological Diversity staff wandered the desert and found two specimens in full bloom; we captured them on video so that you, too, can see this beautiful hermit of the desert in all its glory.

Check out the video of the Coleman’s coralroot below; then read about the Center’s work to protect this orchid and other rare plants and animals in the Southwest’s breathtaking Sky Islands region, where many special species and wild places are threatened by an open-pit mine planned for the Santa Rita Mountains.

Whiny Right Wing Movie Review: Occupy, Eco-Anarchists and Thieves Take Over Hollywood

4 Jun

julia_SeymourEarth First! Newswire

(The following film review,  from a tired Right Wing media source, claims that the Occupy Wall Street Movement has left the streets for the big screen and that the eco-terrorists have now taken over Hollywood. It was written by a right-wing editor named Julie Seymour. This review does not represent the views of the Earth First! Journal. We’ve been known to support eco-sabotage, including, but to a lesser degree, the fictional kind like that carried out by Alexander Skarsgard in the film the East. The review is reposted here for your pleasure.)


by Julia Seymour /Right Side News

Occupy Wall Street and the class warfare diatribes of the 99 percent are making fewer national headlines, but their ideas are crowding movie theaters this month. Three May 2013 releases all call to mind the Zuccotti Park crowd’s grievances against capitalism, two in very violent and extreme ways.

Socialist cries for a “more equal economy” or college education as a “human right” were just a couple of the complaints of OWS. Calling for “revolution,” they also raged against “illegal foreclosures,” bailouts and bonuses, a “poisoned” food supply, outsourcing and more. All while the networks and national newspapers lauded them as the “protest of this current era.” Many wealthy celebrities also embraced the movement, touring Zuccotti Park and expressing support. According to the OWS website, on June 1, 2013, they planned to reoccupy Zuccotti Park and “take a militant stand against the NYPD to assert our right to exist in public spaces (nonviolently of course).

Given celebrities’ enthusiasm for the occupy movement, it comes as no surprise that the anti-business sentiments of the OWS crowd are now on the big screen. The May 10 release, “Assault on Wall Street” was a murderous “revenge fantasy” from Uwe Boll and Phase 4 Films. “The East” is a movie about a spy who infiltrates a band of eco-anarchists who target corporations in retaliation for their “crimes.” It is scheduled for limited release May 31, going national June 7. Co-writer and star Brit Marling admitted in a TV interview that her film is related to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Continue reading

Wanorazi Yumneze (“Awakening Spirit”)

2 Jun


by John Ahni Schertow / Intercontinental Cry

Wanorazi Yumneze” is a documentary film that aims to begin a much-needed conversation between indigenous and non-indigenous groups in Canada about how people, wildlife and the environment are impacted by industrial developments.

Wanorazi Yumnezemeans “awakening spirit” in Nakoda. The film’s spirit captures those of Canada’s First Nations who, despite the challenges they have endured and continue to face, are now beginning to strengthen and awaken, aided by their deep-rooted cultures, traditions, knowledge and communities. Continue reading