EF! Position on Informants

The 2010 EF! Organizers’ Conference in Santa Barbara, CA, came to consensus that:

Earth First! will not associate with and will ostracize informants. Examples include:

– Informants not being welcomed at EF! movement gatherings, events, meetings, campaigns and actions.

– Informants not using the EF! Journal or related online communications to do campaign work

If informants attempt to reintegrate into other activist groups we will identify them and expose their history as informants.

We recognize that people associating with informants compromises our solidarity with non-cooperating individuals and jeopardizes our collective security.

One Response to “EF! Position on Informants”

  1. James A. Ritchie April 14, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    Well, as long as you’re open, forgiving, and don’t like working in secret like terrorist governments, all good.

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