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“Did you hear? It’s the sound of their world collapsing”

22 Dec
Zapatistas march on Winter Solstice 2012

Zapatistas march on Winter Solstice 2012

As one Maya era draws to an end, and thousands of Zapatistas silently re-emerge from the dark of night to peacefully occupy the town squares of Chiapas, Subcomandante Marcos of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation released a defiant communiqué from the depths of the Lacandon jungle.

Thousands of Maya followers of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) marched, masked but unarmed, on the towns of San Cristóbal de las Casas, Ocosingo, Las Margaritas, Palenque and Altamirano, in Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas, marking the turning of the Maya calendar Dec. 21.

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Hey I just met you, and this is crazy… we’re all locked down, so please don’t taze me*

3 Nov

Reflections from the EF! coal plant blockade during the Tampa RNC 2012

[*TECO blockader-modified version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s radio hit, as quoted in Tampa Bay Times]

by panagioti, Earth First! Newswire

As the orgy of public relations nightmares for current and aspiring politicians comes to a crescendo of cacophony, nauseating and near impossible to escape, I find myself staying sane by reminiscing on my favorite direct action memories which stand as stark contrasts to the farce of electoral politics. Of course there’s the WTO in Seattle, and the forest defense campaigns of the Northwest, World Bank summits in DC, the anti-NAFTA I-69 roadblocks in Indiana, the FTAA in Miami, the initial days of Occupy Wall Street, the general strikes in Athens… And contrary to my initial expectations, I’m going to have to add this Summer’s RNC in Tampa to that list. Many of both the seasoned and newbie protestors who experienced the convention may not share the positive, uplifting experience. But I would guess that’s because they missed out on the Earth First! action at the end of the week. I think it’s a story worth telling. So, here’s my version, hyperlinks ‘n all:

I have to say, I’m glad I heeded Clinton Tyree’s call for Everglades Earth First! to join with the RNC protests in Tampa Bay this Summer. Even if the whole shindig would have gotten cancelled for a hurricane, I’d have had no regrets. I came ready to strap myself alongside Skink (Tyree’s forest name) and face that storm head-on from the peak of the Sunshine Skyway bridge.

But that moment never came. For better or worse, Tampa was not clobbered by Isaac the Avenger. And I was left antsy to strap myself to something… Could a u-lock on a gypsum struck from the local coal plant do?

After four days of practically non-stop marches in Downtown Tampa and St. Pete, the mobilization’s low energy level was waning further still. While enthusiasm was high, our numbers and energy in the streets were low. The redundancy of marching and rallying amidst swarms of police was getting old, stagnant. I know, you’re shocked by this revelation. Things clearly needed to be shaken up a bit. Luckily I was amidst a handful of other Earth First!ers who were sharing the feeling (ok, so maybe the hand wasn’t quite full). We decided to get busy, and make our small numbers count.

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Obama’s real birth certificate found in Earth First! Journal office…

1 Nov

Yeah, that’s right, we caught Donald Trump snooping around in our stuff, again. He claims he found the certificate hiding under Uncle Ted’s crusty ol’ tighty-whitees that we won in the government auction last year, but never got around to framing on the office wall.

Straying from the Tea Party rhetoric, Trump is now alleging that Obama’s father was not a Marxist organizer or Kenyan goat-herder but an eco-terrorist who actually birthed the original-original ELF (contrary to the claims of wingnut-sell-out “ELF founder” John Hanna). Sadly, both prized items—the unabomber’s undies and proof that Obama was not born to reptilian shape shifters—were found, by the collective’s new short-termer, decomposing in one of the office’s many broken filing cabinets…

Here’s a sneak peak at the cover (tar sands blockade mono-pod!), hot off the press.. Just waiting for the funds to make it out into the mail.

Really though, We were actually just hoping that this absurdity would loosen you up a little in preparation for our desperate plea that you to make a big ‘ol donation to help get the newest (albeit belated) issue of the Earth First! Journal, Lughnasadh 2012, out into the streets and backwoods.

The issue features: Pictures from the front lines of the Texas tar sands blockades; stories of East Coast anti-fracking resistance, the history of mid-west mining struggles; All-out eco-assault on coal extraction in Scotland; and the world-wide Luddite revival!

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Brandon Darby Claims “Occupy Anarchists” Plan to Take Down Emergency Medical Services at RNC

26 Aug

Earth First! Journal Offering Reward of Lifetime Subscription to Whomever Tars and Feathers Brandon Darby at the 2012 RNC

If you see this man in Tampa make his whereabouts know through the proper channels…

the following story is from Big Government, a right wing Tea Party blog.  Brandon Darby is the self proclaimed former Black Panther who, as an undercover snitch, bullied two youth protesters into felony charges at the 2008 RNC in Minneapolis, landing them in prison for years. Now he is something of puppet spokesperson of the whimpering tea party yuppy hacks.

For more on Darby check out this episode of the radio show This American Life: This American Life: “Turncoat – Act Two. Part Two.”

the following is by John Sexton

Yesterday, I interviewed my co-worker Brandon Darby as he was traveling toward the Republican National Convention in Florida. The interview focused on strategies used by anarchist protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention and how those strategies will be used once again next week by the Occupy movement.

In addition to trying to shut down bridges to prevent delegates from reaching the convention center next week, Brandon has learned that a subgroup of Occupy is looking to shut down EMS communications throughout the city.

The video that goes along with this interview is one Brandon took at the RNC convention while working undercover for the FBI in 2008. Some of it is a bit jumpy, but you’ll see some of the street blocking tactics as well as several instances of individuals throwing items onto a freeway from an overpass.

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Actual directions for the 2012 EF! Round River Rendezvous

17 Jun

Well, they were a bit slow in coming. But here they are. Real directions to “The Ultimate RRR site”… We’ll see you there!

2012 EF! Round River Rendezvous

9 Jun

Location finally announced!

After a grueling search for the ultimate EF! Round River Rendezvous (RRR) site that took us to the ends of the universe, we believe we have found it! Less than 70 miles north of Edward Abbey’s childhood home on a little half million acre forest just down PA Rt. 666 (Allegheny National Forest). We will camp with excellent swimming holes and giant trees under one of the most star filled skies in the North East. The nearest major cities are Pittsburg, Erie, PA and Buffalo, NY.

Go to marcellusearthfirst.org for directions, and post on the ride board right here.

This will be a 7-day campout (July 1-7), a gathering of resistance to dirty, destructive energy extraction Continue reading

Occupy Retakes Zuccotti Park As Cops Distracted by New Year’s Eve in New York

1 Jan

Occupy Wall Street protesters jump on the barricades they removed from Zuccotti Park in New York Saturday Dec. 31, 2011.

Hundreds of anti-wall street protesters have made use of the massive police presence in Times Square on New Year’s Eve to retake their former campsite at Zuccotti Park in New York.

The demonstrators took some of the metal barricades that surrounded the park, and tossed them into a pile in the hours before midnight on Saturday night.

“All week all year, we’ll still be here,” protesters chanted as they jumped on top of the pile.

Zuccotti Park hadn’t been occupied since protesters were evicted in mid-November in an early morning police raid. That led to police raids on other encampments across the US from Boston to Los Angeles.

Most anti-Wall Street encampments in the country have been forcibly cleared.

Scuffles broke out between demonstrators and police as the NYPD presence started to amass again shortly before midnight and at least one police officer fired an arch of pepper spray into the crowd.

Occupy Wall Street protesters and New York Police clash over barricades at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan on New Year's Eve Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2080939/Occupy-activists-retake-Wall-Street-police-busy-dealing-New-Year-s-Eve-Times-Square.html#ixzz1iEIjQqqn

GAME OVER: Occupy the Corporate Investors, Shut Down GAIM USA 2012

4 Dec

UPDATE: More details and a schedule for the GAIM conference events are now posted here: http://occupypalmbeachcounty.org/gaim-schedule-and-details/

[Message from the General Assembly of Occupy Palm Beach, in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street.]

A massive conference of banksters, billionaires and buzzards is taking place in south Florida this winter. GAIM [Gathering of Investors and Managers] will be at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, January 22-25. In their own words, “GAIM USA has a track record of delivering 3,000 of  the industry’s leading practitioners, hedge funds and asset allocators from across the globe.”

Occupy Palm Beach is calling for a festival of resistance to converge at the GAIM conference site (or as close as we can get to it.) We want to make our presence loud, bright and beautiful, so we’re asking you to bring banners, puppets, horns, drums and, of course, a tent.

While there is little information available on this conference, Hedgeweek, a news source for investors, said this about GAIM USA in 2008: “…the global hedge fund industry event attracting the largest number of asset allocators, could well be compared to the Bilderberg Group. It is probably the most high-profile global assembly anywhere of investors and asset managers…”

Some of the most egregious aspects of hedge funds, vulture investments, are known for their record of preying on vulnerable economic situations, making investments intended to profit from economic crises, picking over the remains of rapidly weakening companies or entire countries. These multi-billionaire corporate investors are cashing in on debts specifically intended to exploit desperate situations: labor conflicts, land struggles, famine, war, climate change and ecological collapse around the world.

Since details of GAIM 2012 have not been made public and media access to the event is very limited, here is a list of past participants in the conference, to give an idea who may be showing up:

  • Bank of America
  • BP
  • Cargill
  • Corrections Corporation of America
  • Citibank
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Carlyle Group
  • Nasdaq Stock Market Inc
  • Goldman Sachs
  • US Futures Exchange
  • US Securities & Exchange Commission
  • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  • Weyerhaeuser Company
  • JP Morgan
  • Wachovia
  • World Bank Group
  • Koch Industries
  • Lehman Brothers

These names sum up the caliber of the people attending this event—this is truly a meeting of “the 1%” and their agents.

There are an additional  200 banks, corporations, investment groups, universities, municipalities, consultants, financial institutions, government bodies and agencies who are listed as past participants on the GAIM 2012 website.

The GAIM USA conference is an event coordinated by The Institute for International Research (IIR), the largest conference company in the world. They also host regular conferences for investors in the energy industry, pharmaceuticals and agri-business giants. For example, IIR is hosting a Marcellus Shale gas investors’ conference in New York City on Dec. 6 to push for more hydrofracking in the Northeast region of the US.

While we work to change the course of our society and defend the ecosystems we live in, these investors are placing their bets on the status quo that has put us where we are today. Worse, they’re hedging those bets to ensure they won’t lose.

Converging against this conference is another important step towards our localized revolution against a globalized dictatorship of the market. We hope you’ll join with us in taking this step.

Help make it happen

We are looking for individuals and affinity groups from near and far to come early to help with preparations for the convergence and a series of actions surrounding the GAIM USA conference.

Come to the General Assembly Of Occupy Palm Beach on Jan 21, 4pm, downtown West Palm (at the occupied City Hall on Olive and Banyon) for an action spokescouncil to coordinate our efforts.

Some other things to know

At this time, there are several established occupation camps in south Florida where people can live in the time surrounding the convergence. There is also a public transit system between Miami and Palm Beach, the TriRail, which also stops in Boca Raton.

There are many other grassroots community projects to get involved with while you are in the area, including: local organizing around immigrant rights, ecological and environmental justice, prisoner solidarity, animal liberation, food security, neighborhood gardens and farms, DIY bicycle repair, independent media production, and more.

Oh, and the weather in south Florida is very nice this time of the year…

For details and updates, OccupyPalmBeachCounty.org

To download a printable formatted PDF flyer for this convergence, click here.