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ALF Releases Captive Pheasants from Farm in Riverside, CA

30 Jul

anonymous communique / North American Animal Liberation Press Office

RiversidePheasantsRiverside, CA: In a communique received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, the Animal Liberation Front has taken credit for liberating captive pheasants from four out of six pens at a Riverside, California farm on July 22nd. According to documents posted at the Wildlife Farm Database (“Directory of captive wildlife operations for activists”), the Ash Grove pheasant farm is one of just over 60 farms in California that breed “game birds,” including quail and partridges.The birds are slaughtered for sale as meat, or sold to captive hunting facilities to be shot at close range by so-called hunters.

This is the third raid of a pheasant farm in the last 18 months. In March 2012, the Animal Liberation Front released 70 to 100 birds from a farm in Oregon. Several months later, the ALF released “dozens” of pheasants from another Oregon farm.

The communique reads, in full:

On the night of July 22, the masked rescuers of the Animal Liberation Front entered the Ash Grove Pheasant Farm at 10540 Victoria Avenue in Riverside, California. As the farmer slept just feet away, the fencing was torn open with wire cutters. Four of the six pens on the property were breached, giving these beautiful beings a chance at freedom.

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San Diego Fur Shop, Owner’s & Manager’s Residences Sabotaged by ALF

22 Jul

from North American Animal Liberation Press Office


July 21, 2013

Received Anonymously:

In the early morning hours of July 16, 2013, anarchists in San Diego took action on behalf of the millions of fur-bearing animals who are trapped, enslaved, and killed to sustain the global fur industry.

We first visited Furs By Graf at 7670 Claremont Mesa Boulevard in the Claremont neighborhood. Every single piece of plate glass on this hideous enterprise was soaked in glass etching solution. The exterior of the store was covered in red spray painted slogans. Bottles of foul smelling butyric acid were sprayed into the interior, leaving this place of commerce smelling like death; identical to the odor present on every fur farm. We hope this is a costly clean up, and serves to drive away all patronage.

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Primate Products Inc. Facility Closes Down after Smash HLS Campaign

25 Jun

by David Fleshler / Sun Sentinel

Gary Serignese, Executive Director of South Florida Smash HLS, leads a demonstration outside Primate Products, Inc. in Doral, near Miami International Airport. (CRISTOBAL HERRERA / Sun Sentinel SoFlaShare / September 22, 2011)

Gary Serignese, Executive Director of South Florida Smash HLS, leads a demonstration outside Primate Products, Inc. in Doral, near Miami International Airport. (CRISTOBAL HERRERA / Sun Sentinel SoFlaShare / September 22, 2011)

A South Florida holding center for imported research monkeys [sic] that had been the target of animal rights protests has shut down, with the company moving its operations to a remote location north of the Everglades.

Primate Products Inc. has closed a fenced, cage-filled building near Miami International Airport that had been the focus of an animal rights campaign involving picketing, demonstrations against participating airlines and smuggled photos of bloody monkeys. The company has laid off 10 employees and moved its remaining operations to a complex near the Collier County town of Immokalee.

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ALF Releases 29 Rabbits from Barcelona Factory Farm

27 Apr

Cross posted from Bite Back:

received anonymously (translation):

29 Rabbits Liberated From a Factory Farm in Barcelona

On the night of April 13, 2013, Animal Liberation Front activists opened the cages of thirty rabbits who were to be killed in a few days. The initial goal was to get many more out, but when we arrived we saw that because of their enormous size and weight it would be impossible to liberate the number we had thought, so with great effort we carried away our backpacks full of our new and surprised friends.

If you’ve ever seen the terrified eyes of an animal in a cage and then felt their heart beating next to yours at the time of their release, you know exactly the meaning of Animal Liberation. After seeing them locked in small cages without soil, and then later see them walk and feel the wild life, you know that while you have strength, you won’t stop fighting for Total Liberation.

We’re not going to ask for their cages to be larger or comfortable.
We’re not going to ask that the conditions in which they are tortured in experiments are ‘improved,’
We’re not going to ask that when they are killed, that it be done ‘humanely’… Continue reading

Everglades Earth First! Brings Anti-Biotech Fight to Kolter Group

26 Feb

Land deal could signify move forward for Scripps’ biotech city on Briger forest

Today in West Palm Beach, Florida, Everglades Earth First! (EEF!) announced their official opposition to the Kolter Group’s purchase of the Briger Forest. The EEF! collective, which maintained a 6-week treesit on the site in 2011, visited the corporate office of the venture capitalist vultures at Kolter with this message: “If you buy Briger you’re buying the community resistance to the Scripps Florida Phase II project.” The project has been contested for years, with multiple legal challenges citing impacts to protected species, including hand fern and gopher tortoise.

While his underlings call him Bobby. After watching this video, you may want to call him Blinky instead. Has Scripps gone into genetically engineering robot CEO's?!

While his underlings call him Bobby, after watching this video, you may want to call him Blinky. …Has Scripps gone into genetically engineering robot CEO’s?!

In case you want to pay a visit (or send a letter) to Kolter Group Co yourself, their address is 701 S. Olive Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401. And you can call them at (561) 682-9500, or fax (561) 682-1050. The CEO’s name is Robert Julien, but his underlings seem to call him Bobby. His extension is 221.

Although the Kolter Group claims to be committed to “creating better communities” they seem to have little issue with building homes and businesses within close proximity of the proposed biotech facility. Continue reading

Animal Liberation News

15 Aug

Animal Liberation graphicFur Farmers Release Guide to Prepare for ALF Raid Season

Fur Farmers Release Guide to Prepare for ALF Raid Season

The Fur Commission website is full of information for fur farmers of America, including classic definitions like this one, that assure the farmers that they are protected by the US Government:

ECOTERRORISM: ”The FBI defines eco-terrorism as the use or threatened use of violence of a criminal nature against innocent victims or property by an environmentally-oriented, subnational group for environmental-political reasons, or aimed at an audience beyond the target, often of a symbolic nature.” James F. Jarboe, Domestic Terrorism Section Chief, Counterterrorism Division, FBI; Testimony to the House Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, Feb. 12, 2002.

The Commission also warn farmers that, “Historically, June is the beginning of “fur farm raiding season,” Continue reading

ReWilding the West

1 Jul

Remembering a Tucson Radical

by Russ McSpadden / Earth First! News

[The text of this work is free to share and distribute under the following Creative Commons License CC-BY-ND 3.0]

Most of the heroes of the Wild West, the rootin’ tootin’ movie cowboys, sheriffs, miners, ranchers, saloon owners and cavalry generals, had a real knack for replacing all the wild land they got a hold of with profiteering schemes. These are the folks that actually killed the Wild West, bought it up, fenced it in, murdered and incarcerated many of its indigenous people, destroyed its communities with alcoholism, stripped its land, averted and drained its waters, blasted its mountains, decimated its wildlife, made extinct its wolves and jaguars and generally can be thanked for the Bone-Dry SuburbanTame West of today. I’m saying, as far as wild goes, these boys paved the way for the wild-ass time you are having right now working your service job slinging coffee to hipsters.

No, the real heroes of the Wild West would have to actually fight to keep the place wild. They’d want to burn the banks and the miner camps, fend off the encroachment of a domesticating middle-class culture and take pot shots at the troops from the Dragoons. They might even take a bullet for a mountain lion.

Not too long ago we had just such a fellow out here in Tucson, and seeing as its his birthday on July 3rd it might be nice to remember this real Wild West hero for some of the amazing and crazy shit he did to fight for what wild we got left out there,and inside of ourselves as well.

Rod Coronado, who is turning 47 this year, is a Yaqui Pascua Indian, a writer and poet, a father, lover of nature and animals, felon and eco-anarchist. He’s the kind of guy that could tell you all about the native flowers growing out of the cracks in the sidewalk and how to make rudimentary bombs, though he’s done with the latter these days. Akin to the wily, earth loving and dangerous characters in Edward Abbey’s novel The Monkeywrench Gang, [and remember, Abbey was also a Tucson local] Coronado was a real outlaw for the wild, not a violent human in terms of hurting people, but also not afraid to utterly destroy any non-sentient instrument of oppression.

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Four chickens liberated from Oregon egg farm

25 May

This week, Bite Back received an anonymous communique from the Animal Liberation Front claiming responsibility for the liberation of four chickens from an Oregon factory farm. The ALF communique stated this was the same farm from which six hens were liberated in January.

The communique reads, in full:

“During the second week of May 2012, two activists entered an egg farm located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. 4 hens were removed from the premises and placed in good homes where they will live out the rest of their natural lives. This is the same farm where 6 hens were liberated last January.

This action was done to save these individual animals from the torture and misery intrinsic to industrialized egg production, as well as to demonstrate that although we may not be able to free every animal, we can free some. This was done in full solidarity with the anarchists and animal liberationists facing state repression here on the west coast and abroad.

Freeing the prisoners.

**We are intentionally omitting the name, address, and specifics of the farm targeted. The relatively small number of animals taken will most likely, once again, go unnoticed by the farmer and will hopefully allow us to take advantage of the non-existent security on this farm for future raids and investigations.”

Animals left for dead in Indonesian zoos

23 May

Neglected, cramped, and now fatally ill-kept – the animals in these zoos are dying.

From The Independent (UK)

In a remote corner of Jakarta’s Ragunan Zoo, a Malayan sun bear is pacing back and forth, shaking its head in an agitated manner. There is no shade or shelter in the tiny, dilapidated enclosure – just a stagnant pond full of rubbish. The bear, which is riddled with mange, rears up against a concrete wall and howls.

It’s a scene that is not uncommon in Indonesia, where zoos have come under scrutiny following the death of a giraffe in Surabaya, East Java – later found to have a 40-pound wad of plastic in its stomach. In a country known for its rich biodiversity, many rare and threatened native creatures – such as the honey-eating sun bear – are kept in squalid and cramped conditions that appal animal welfare experts.

Across the country – particularly in zoos owned and run by municipal governments – listless and unhealthy animals are kept in ageing pens, looked after by keepers with no training and little interest in the job. Diet and veterinary care are poor. “The people managing our zoos only think about profit,” says Made Wedana, an internationally respected biologist who ran the primate centre at Ragunan Zoo for five years. “They don’t really care about animal welfare, or understand zoos.”

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Kellie Marshall Receives 60 Days in Attempted Iowa Mink Farm Raid

5 Apr
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After her arrest at the Circle K Fur Farm on October 10th, Kellie Marshall finally resolved her case March 13th and received unexpectedly short sentence of 60 days. She pleaded guilty to releasing an animal from an animal facility and attempted third-degree burglary.

Although no animal escaped the perimeter fencing, some reports state that a cage was opened and a single animal released within the fence.Victor and Kellie were arrested after tripping alarms at the farm, and being apprehended in the property behind the farm after a foot chase.

This is the second time there was an action at the Circle K Fur Farm. The first occurred in 1997, when 5,000 mink and 100 foxes were released.

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