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Nate Ebert Takes Plea Deal, Vows to Continue Fight Against Fracking

15 Jun

Video: Appalachia Resist! and Earth First! occupy GreenHunter facility

from Appalachia Resist!

Nate Ebert, who, on February 19th climbed a 30 foot pole anchored to a frack waste truck and shut down GreenHunter Water’s frack waste transfer facility in New Matamoras, Ohio for most of a business day, took a plea deal this morning in the Marietta Municipal Court in Marietta, OH.  He pled to charges of trespassing and resisting arrest.  He received a suspended sentence and will serve no jail time. 

Upon leaving the courthouse, Ebert, 33, who lives in Athens County, Ohio, said, “GreenHunter is making millions of dollars from storing and dumping toxic radioactive waste in Ohio. For the sake of profit that is channeled out of state, they are threatening the health and safety of our communities up and down the Ohio River.  The state of Ohio should make it a priority to block GreenHunter’s unscrupulous activities, and protect Ohio residents instead of protecting industry.”  He called for a ban of injection wells in the state of Ohio.  If passed, House Bill 148, recently proposed by Representatives Denise Driehaus and Bob Hagan, and backed by more than 40 Ohio community groups, would ban injection wells statewide.

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Earth First! Organizers Conference & Winter Rendezous

24 Dec

Calling all Eco-Warriors!

Appalachia Resist! blockades the Ginsburg Injection Well on Ladd Ridge Rd. in Athens, County Ohio. November 19, 2012

Appalachia Resist! blockades the Ginsburg Injection Well on Ladd Ridge Rd. in Athens, County Ohio. November 19, 2012

Still wondering what to do with that fiery heart of yours in mid-February? Come join us in the hills and hollers of the unglaciated Allegheny Plateau February 14-18, for the 2013 Earth First! Organizers Conference and Winter Rendezvous.  The Organizers Conference, Thursday thru Saturday afternoon will be focused on reports from the Journal; evaluating strategy, tools & tactics; examining our visions & aspirations; where we’ve been, where we’re going; state repression review; anti-oppression check-in; and bioregional round-ups, and the Night to Howl gathering of the Warrior Poets Society.  After three days of meetings, Saturday night the Winter Rondezvous will kick off with a fiesta (we’re working on a square dance, yehaw), followed by two days full of workshops, hiking, and action planning. Don’t forget that no good Rondezvous could end without a kickass action! Continue reading

Opposition to frack waste in Ohio continues to grow

29 Nov

Rally on Nov 28 after ODNR kicks public out of “open house”

Ohio-based direct action group Appalachia Resist! released the following statement today:

Last night, Nov 28, soon after the ODNR invited the public into an “open house” about  injection wells, they thought better of it and ordered the public to leave. 

Though over 100 community members requested a public hearing about a newly permitted well, the ODNR had instead opted for an “open house” format, designed to diffuse agency accountability and community solidarity.

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Ohio Resisdents Blockade Radioactive Fracking Waste Well

27 Nov

Protesters block entrance to Ginsburg Well, a fracking disposal waste site, in Athens County, Ohio

On November 19th, a group of Athens County residents wearing hazmat style suits, respirators, and carrying large placards emblazoned with skulls, blockaded the front gate of the Ginsburg Well, Class II injection well and a fracking waste disposal site, on Ladd Ridge Road in Athens County, Ohio. Protesters blocked the entrance to the well’s delivery pad. No trucks arrived to dump frack-waste while the protesters made their stand, successfully interrupting the day’s business.

Protesters demanded that the Ginsburg Well be shut down, citing numerous violations and shut down orders that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has issued and then refused to enforce. The injection well is known to accept millions of gallons of radioactive fracking waste from out of state. The protesters noted that this week, the ODNR has issued 4 new well permits, 3 of them in SE Ohio, despite the fact that they are not regulating the wells currently in operation. Continue reading

Rally to Shut Down Injection Wells at Ohio Courthouse

4 Oct

Appalachia Resist! announces an Action Camp, November 2-4 in Athens county

Today, over 80 people gathered outside the Athens County Courthouse to show support for the legal case of Madeline ffitch, and to demand that the Hazel Ginsberg Injection Well be shut down, a well that has a long history of violations.  Protestors presented a large scale timeline of violations from 1986 to present, held a giant banner that read “Toxic Frack Waste: We Don’t Want It”.  Between speakers and Madeline ffitch’s appearance after her meeting with the prosecutor, ralliers banged on drums, chanted slogans of resistance, and called ODNR representatives to demand that they shut down the Ginsburg Well.    Continue reading