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A Free State against Fracking?

8 Jun

Campfire raging at the occupied Riverdale mobile home park

Consider yourself invited to join the eviction resistance at Pennsylvania fracking site

A week into the resident-led occupation of a mobile home park in Jersey Shore, PA, the following message has been circulated by the fine folks with Occupy Well Street. Basically, it’s on…

Save Riverdale: Urgent Call for Support

“I was here to protect my home.  Within a week I realized why the hell would I protect a house with water I can’t drink.  It’s still about the house, but it’s more about this land and that water. As long as you’re willing to stand, stay here, and bring more: this isn’t over yet” –Riverdale Resident

For 7 days, Riverdale Mobile Home Community and our group of volunteers have impeded the construction of a water withdrawal site on the Susquehanna River Continue reading


How the Hydro-Fracking Industry is Destroying Communities

4 Jun

Information compiled from EcoWatch

The Riverdale Mobile Home Park in Jersey Shore, PA is under major threat of eviction due to plans to build a 3 million gallon PER DAY water withdrawal site at the property to service natural gas drilling. Beginning June 1st,  Aqua America, a company partnered with Penn Virginia Resources (PVR) wants to begin their work, but first they need to displace over thirty families in the park’s tightly-knit community.

Residents of Riverdale, joined by supporters, are blockading access to a mobile home community that is facing imminent displacement at the hands of Aqua America.  Aqua America supplies natural gas drillers in the Marcellus Shale region. The blockade was launched to halt Aqua America’s plans to begin construction of a withdrawal facility for water from the Susquehanna River to be used in fracking operations. Aqua America recently purchased the entire Riverdale mobile home unit to be used as a withdrawal site, and has issued lease termination notices to 32 Riverdale families. Construction was set to begin on June 1, but supporters of Riverdale mobile home park believe the blockade and protest kept the company from starting the project last week. It is unclear what additional steps Aqua America will take to displace those families who are choosing to remain. Aqua America refuses to sit down and negotiate in good faith despite repeated written attempts by the residents’ representation and advocates.

If you are in the vacinity, please lend your support by coming to Riverdale and standing with the residents. Other forms of support can visit the official website: Save Riverdale.

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