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Corruption, Justice and Forest Defense—Michoacan Style

14 Jan
Forest defenders from Cheran, Michoacan are in solidarity with the Idle No More movement from Canada.

Forest defenders from Cheran, Michoacan display their solidarity with the Idle No More movement in Canada.

In the previous edition of EF! News (Litha 2012), we featured the story of resistance from indigenous Purepecha communities who are defending their forests from narco-government corruption and illegal logging.

Earlier this week, Simòn Sedillo of elenemigocomun.net posted “Self-Determination and Self-Defense in Cherán, Michoacán” [see story below], which made connections between the organized crime and political corruption that manifests as the government, both in the US and in Mexico. As we all know, this crooked conglomeration is a the root of most ecological devastation on the planet. But as many of us have yet to accept, the possibilities for community defense range a much broader spectrum of strategy and tactics then is generally found in the toolbox of US activists. Sedillo’s post also included the following recent video documenting the the Purepecha autonomous uprising. 

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Armed Struggle for the Redwoods

28 Sep

A belated review of The Big Trees

by panagioti, for the Earth First! Newswire

If you like the idea of blowing up dams, burning down court houses, and standing side-by-side with Quakers in a reluctant armed revolt against the corrupt logging industry—and you can tolerate a tacky romance—you might wanna watch this 1952 film, The Big Trees, starring Eve Miller and Kirk Douglas in a battle for the old-growth Redwoods of Northern Cali.

That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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