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Thousands of Workers Protest Gold Mine in Athens

13 Mar

ζήτω η οικολογική αντίσταση!

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Thousands of protesters marched in central Athens against a disputable gold mining project in northern Greece which they say is ruining the natural environment in the region and brings zero profits to the cash-strapped country.

“We want the land, the water and the trees, not a golden tomb”, chanted thousands of Greeks, marching in support of the local community in the Skouries region of Chalkidiki, in northern Greece.

[EF! News Note: This gold mine project was also the recipient of an ambitious eco-arson attack last month] Continue reading

Earth First! Journal collective representin’ from Exarchia to Baltimore

29 May

Click on the poster to get a closer glimpse of the event in Greece…

An editor from the Earth First! Journal will be presenting a slide show of  ecological resistance movements in the U.S. and around the world, this weekend at gatherings in Athens, Greece (Friday) and Baltimore, Maryland (Sunday). The theme of the presentation “No System but the Ecosystem” intends to explore the overlapping struggles for social freedom and wild nature. Come check it out, if you happen to be in either neighborhood… Or, even better, invite us to come to your local bioregion!