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Cure “Terrorism”: Heal the Earth

19 Apr


By Sasha, Earth First! Newswire

Since the FBI “found their men,” the cause of the Boston bombing has been linked to Chechen separatism, Islam, and even immigration. However, the truth lies much deeper than any apparent motive (or lack thereof). While the bombing must be condemned by any standards, there are some very deep disconnections that have to be recognized.

During the manhunt, according to the BBC, “The FBI maintain[ed] a long list of potential threats emanating from US individuals or groups harbouring violent intentions towards the federal government, civil organisations, or society in general. The list includes white racial supremacists, fundamentalist Christian extremists, animal rights activists and anti-abortionists.” Let’s be honest: the FBI has nothing to fear from animal rights activists; animal rights activists will never randomly bomb a giant gathering of people. They wouldn’t hurt a fly. (In fact, let’s note that while all this was going down, the ALF were removing 200 steel traps from the forest to defend wildlife against a terrible cruelty that is largely ignored in our society.) 

The kind of weird logic behind the FBI’s list is symptomatic of the larger problems at play: total social disconnection and a virtually impenetrable cultural bubble that fails to understand anything about itself or the effects it has on the world.

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Upcoming Comic About Liberating Animals and Burning Shit Down

2 Jan
liberator comic 1

Image from the forthcoming comic book series The Liberator

We, here at the Earth First! Journal, know that funding print media is a constant struggle against the cesspool of the internet. So we’re glad to throw our support (ironically, via an EF! Newswire post) towards other folks working to put incendiary projects into peoples’ hands.

This week on Kickstarter, a campaign is launching for a unique new type of superhero team: Damon Guerrero and Jeanette Francis are animal liberators… gritty anti-heroes in the mold of Dexter or Batman.

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