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Bay Area Judi Bari Screenings and Q&As with Earth First! Activists

15 May
There will be a weeks’ worth of events surrounding Judi Bari Day, May 24, the anniversary of the Oakland car bombing that nearly took her life and that she was almost framed for.
Who Bombed Judi Bari?,  the 93-minute documentary Directed by Mary Liz Thomson and produced by Darryl Cherney, will be screening four times in the Bay area: twice in Oakland and twice in San Francisco, in addition to related events celebrating Judi’s life. 
Please attend any or all of these upcoming Bay area events. There is something for everyone.

$10 Million to Injured Workers from Chevron Payout

12 Feb

A “drop in the bucket,” most of the payouts covered medical exams and treatments at hospitals for those sickened by the smoke from the Richmond, CA refinery fire.

Chevron paid approximately $10 million to cover medical expenses and other claims in the wake of the fire at its Richmond refinery on Aug. 6. Most of those payouts went to local hospitals to cover medical exams and treatment received by residents sickened by toxin-filled smoke that spread for miles after the fire.  At least 15,000 people sought medical treatment due to health issues related to the fire, and 23,900 claims had been filed as of last week to cover costs incurred due to the blaze.

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