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Celebrate Keith McHenry’s Birthday by Supporting Resistance to Mining in Indonesia

30 Apr
Beltane Fire Festival, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland

Beltane Fire Festival, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland

Earth First! Newswire

As all good eco-revolutionaries know, tomorrow is May Day, or Beltane for all you neo-pagan anarcho-hippy types like some of us at the EF! Newswire.

But that’s not all. It’s also the birthday of Keith McHenry, a co-founder of the international Food Not Bombs (FNB) movement, a revolutionary endeavor which he is practically synonymous with.

Keith McHenry at the Grand Canyon

Keith McHenry at the Grand Canyon

The history of FNB has been intertwined with Earth First! practically since its inception, with a parallel 32 year history and an intermingling of activists which continues today. So it only seems fitting that we would honor Keith’s birthday by honoring the request he made for people to stand with Javanese residents (some who are now political prisoners) in resisting mining from destroying their communities and home ecosystems.

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Happy Beltane! Merry May Day!

1 May

From Oakland to Asia, from Madrid to Moscow people are striking, and celebrating!

Here in South Florida the Earth First! Journalistas are celebrating the completion of the Betane 2012 issue of the Journal! It is out of our hands and will be into yours in the next few weeks.

Here is a sneak preview of two fantastic articles! Keep an eye out for more to come.

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