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Activists Blocking Coal Train in Germany

31 Aug

from Linksunten Indymedia


Rhineland Coalfield – Germany: Around 200 activists are occupying the coal train tracks which is the main way to transport coal between the open-cast coal mine “Hambach” to the big power plants which emit 100 millions tons of CO2 per year. The action is happening in solidarity with the Climate and Reclaim the Fields Camp that is taking place from August 23 to September 6 2013 in the Rhineland coalfield.

The activists went onto the tracks at around 1pm. At the time of writing (5.30pm), they are still there, surrounded by a lot of police. The fire fighters have arrived to fell trees, to make way for the police. It is expected that the occupation is going to be evicted within the next hours.

Already in the last two years, there have been blockades like this. The tracks are an extremely vulnerable point in the coal complex ca. 40km west of Cologne, which consists of three open cast lignite mines and four coal-fired power plants. Usually, wagons loaded with coal run here every 15 minutes to supply the power plants. The plants have storage capacity for only two days.

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Sussex Police Arrest Balcombe Oil Drill Protesters

26 Jul

from BBC News balcombe

England—Up to 10 arrests were made and the main gate has been cleared at the site near Balcombe, West Sussex.

Cuadrilla has been given permission to drill a 3,000ft (914m) well and 2,500ft (762m) horizontal bore.

Campaigners fear the firm could also carry out hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Cuadrilla said any further activity would need fresh permission.

About 75 police officers were involved in the operation to make arrests on Friday, BBC reporter Mark Sanders said.

The blockade started on Thursday with about 100 protesters at the site.

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Lobster Boat Blockades Coal Barge at Massachusetts Powerplant

15 May

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Steering a lobster boat called the Henry David T., two climate activists on Wednesday attempted to blockade a shipment of West Virginia coal from arriving at Brayton Point Power Station in Massachusetts, New England’s largest coal-fired power plant.

The coal freighter, the Energy Entreprise, is believed to be carrying coal from a mountain top removal operation in Appalachia to the terminal in Massachusetts, setting up a ‘David vs. Goliath’ visual in which the activists in their tiny lobster boat put themselves between the massive coal ship and the power plant’s terminal.

Updates from the site indicate that the Henry David T. and its occupants have been detained by the US Coast Guard.

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“Lockdown”: Tar Sands Blockade vs. Keystone XL Pipeline (Video)

6 May


From YouTube: “LOCKDOWN,” is a ten minute documentary by Mutual Aid Media on the Tar Sands Blockade–a group of activists and landowners in Texas who have built a campaign to stop the Keystone XL pipeline. This short doc follows activists as they plan an action camp, lead workshops, and execute a lockdown. We hope that this piece can be used to help promote direct action as well as gain support for Tar Sands Resistance campaigns.

To get involved visit: tarsandsblockade.org , gptarsandsresistance.org , nokxl.org
For more information about Mutual Aid Media, please visit our website at: mutualaidmedia.com

OMG, Taylor Swift’s Ex-Boyfriend Totally Arrested for Protesting Keystone XL Pipeline

14 Feb

by Guchi BabyTaylor+Swift

Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend was arrested on Wednesday, lol.

Conor Kennedy, who dated the ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’ singer last summer – was reportedly hauled away in handcuffs and taken into police custody, along with his father Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and actress Daryl Hannah for protesting with the environmental group Sierra Club outside the White House in Washington D.C. against the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Like, who even knew that the Sierra Club had the cajones for something like this.

According to a press release from the Sierra Club, seen by gossip website RadarOnline.com: “After being taken away from the White House in handcuffs, both Kennedys were driven to a Park Police station and released after paying a fine.” And according to radical environmental fashion gossip magazine Chic Eco-Terrorista, “It looks like crusty death metal t-shirts and bandanas are out this direct action season and khakis are in!” Continue reading

Ohio Resisdents Blockade Radioactive Fracking Waste Well

27 Nov

Protesters block entrance to Ginsburg Well, a fracking disposal waste site, in Athens County, Ohio

On November 19th, a group of Athens County residents wearing hazmat style suits, respirators, and carrying large placards emblazoned with skulls, blockaded the front gate of the Ginsburg Well, Class II injection well and a fracking waste disposal site, on Ladd Ridge Road in Athens County, Ohio. Protesters blocked the entrance to the well’s delivery pad. No trucks arrived to dump frack-waste while the protesters made their stand, successfully interrupting the day’s business.

Protesters demanded that the Ginsburg Well be shut down, citing numerous violations and shut down orders that the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) has issued and then refused to enforce. The injection well is known to accept millions of gallons of radioactive fracking waste from out of state. The protesters noted that this week, the ODNR has issued 4 new well permits, 3 of them in SE Ohio, despite the fact that they are not regulating the wells currently in operation. Continue reading

Long Walk to Freedom

10 Oct

Day 18 from the East Texas Tar Sands Blockade

I’m laying down in an open field in East Texas, staring upwards and reflecting. Small groups of stars peek out from the increasingly puffy clouds, signaling morning rain. My nostrils fill with slight scents of dandelion, horse mint, pennyroyal and cow shit. The only sound is the wind and an occasional cow. Cars only pass once every fifteen minutes on this narrow two-lane country road. It’s one-thirty in the morning.

My entire body is drenched in sweat, from my hat and camo bandana down my post-apoc-style paint-stained olive drab coveralls and into my jungle boots. I’ve already been hiking thirteen miles this way, with three more to go until I reach the nearest town. Even this is no safe haven since half the cops in five counties now know my face, outfit, and demeanor, but it may provide a pay phone to call my activist family 20 miles away, and/or a 24-hour gas station at which I can hydrate.

I’m kicking myself for deciding to travel light by not carrying water, and chill working spigots are hard to come by since every house on the road seems to have guard dogs of some kind. I’ve been barked at by at least fifty already, but luckily humans are all asleep in this part of the world except a couple of paranoid tweakers in a junkyard who almost spotted me with twitchy high-powered flashlights around mile nine or ten. I’ve found a few spigots and half a bottle of soda by the roadside to keep myself going.

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Love and Rebellion in the East Texas Woods

1 Oct

Land cleared in East Texas by TransCanada for Keystone XL construction

I’m writing to ya’ll from a safe space nearby the Tar Sands Blockade in rural east Texas.  Early this week, heeding the call of friends and comrades already on site, we assembled a crew of Earth First!ers from the Northeast US and made the 30+ hour drive to the site to provide crucial reinforcement.  The tree village set up on site is one of the most fantastic things we’ve ever seen, and the emerging pictures on the internet do it no justice. Down below the pods, hideous monsters in the form of massive feller bunchers and dozers fill the air with the heinous sounds of corporate ecocide: mechanical whirs, sawing, and worst of the all the sound of beautiful trees hundreds of years old falling to their death, driving wildlife from their homes.

Yesterday a feller buncher began clearing through a section of the forest, rapidly advancing towards one of the tree sitters. Clearly printed in large letters on the side of the death machine read a warning to stay back at least 500 feet. A roving team on the ground that I was part of began cat-and-mousing the feller buncher, trying to keep our comrade in the tree safe. On the ground two TransCanada workers and one local sheriff operating as an armed mercenary of the corporation oversaw the operations, trying to move through the felled trees to push back our crew from the clear cut site. We continued to advance, determined not only to protect our comrade above in the canopy but to push them back and show them that we are not scared and that we will resist.    Continue reading

CALL TO ACTION: Stop the Keystone XL ASAP!

18 Sep

Friends, comrades, and allies:

In the heartland of Texas, camped in the backwoods among armadillos and water moccasins and deeply rooted small farmers and ranchers, we at Tar Sands Blockade are engaged in what may be the largest direct action battle of our time. We are mobile, skilled and powerful, and though we number in the dozens, the magnitude of what we face demands a call to action.
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Thousands Blockade Ski Resort Development in Bulgaria

18 Jun
PHOTO: A protester is detained by police during a flash mob organised by environmental protesters in central Sofia June 14, 2012. REUTERS/Dimitar Kyosemarliev

A protester is detained by police during a flash mob organised by environmental protesters in central Sofia June 14, 2012. REUTERS/Dimitar Kyosemarliev

Dimitar Kyosemarliev/REUTERS

Police detained nine activists after over 1,500 people blocked a major Sofia intersection late on Thursday for a second day in a row in a protest against the controversial changes.

Chanting “We want nature, not concrete” and “We want veto on the forests law” over 100 people while police tried to push them out of the road.

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