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Cascadia Calling!

10 Aug

by Cascadia Forest Defenders

elliott group photo

Comrades, Allies, Friends!

For almost three months, Cascadia Forest Defenders have been tree sitting and blockading the White Castle Timber sale – against the destruction of the remaining old forests and for the right of all living things to exist. We intend to stay until  White Castle is once more a forest and no longer a timber sale and will continue to maintain our blockades while pressuring the powers that be to back off.

We are calling out for more blockaders, tree sitters, dreamers, the malcontent, all folks of a diversity of skill sets and abilities to come join us. Continue reading

Earth First! Calls On Activists to “Disrupt the Chain of Supply” for Oil and Gas Industry

22 Jul

“An Insurgency Against Fracking… Has Begun”

EF Momentive blockade NC 2013

EF! Blockade at Momentive facility, NC, July 8 2013. Credit: Croatan Earth First!.

The following text is from a press release of the newly-formed Earth First! Media office, which provides correspondence to news outlets around the world.

Raleigh, NC—Earlier this month, activists with Earth First! blockaded the North Carolina facility of a company involved in hydrofracking for oil and gas. According to Earth First!, this action is the start of a coordinated effort to target businesses involved with the controversial fracking industry.

Following this action by Croatan Earth First!—a group based in central North Carolina—a new online resource, FrackIndustry.org, was also launched. The website provides detailed information, including addresses of offices and facilities operated by companies such as Carbo Ceramics, US Silica, Rainbow Ceramics, Northern Frac Proppants, and Momentive, the target of this month’s blockade in Morganton, N.C.

Croatan Earth First! says Momentive is a prime example, being one of the largest worldwide distributors of “resin coated proppants,”a necessary component for fracking. Each stage of the industrial process requires approximately 136 tons of the proppants.  Continue reading

WV Blockaders: Bail ’em out!

19 May

So our friends at Climate Ground Zero in WV have been busy. First they disrupted the Massey Energy shareholder’s meeting. They blockaded the entrance to Massey’s regional HQ with a tripod. Photos below the fold. Now two mountain defenders are in jail with an insanely high bail amount of $100,000 each and need our help to get that reduced so they don’t sit there rotting forever.

It takes literally two minutes. Just call 304-369-7360 and/or 304-369-7360 and leave a message for “Magistrate Snodgrass”, something like the following:

I am calling to express my outrage at the exorbitantly high bail Magistrate Snodgrass set for EmmaKate Martin and Benjamin Bryant. Their case numbers are 10-M-7-11-12-13-14 and 10-M-7-15-16-17-18. The 8th Amendment states “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”  Snodgrass is using bail as punishment, and it is certainly excessive.  He is doing a disservice to society by holding them behind bars until their hearing.  Please reduce their bail to a reasonable amount that reflects their four non-violent misdemeanor charges.

This is also out on Facebook, because the CGZ crew are freakin’ awesome at outreach. Hopefully with enough public pressure, Mr. Snodgrass will reduce their bail to something that the CGZ legal fund can manage. Click “Continue reading” for photos of these kids, their tripod and a promo for CGZ’s upcoming action camps.

Continue reading

Rising Tide UK blocks coal train (with hand-drawn pics!)

10 May

So this happened a couple of weeks ago. Seeing as we just got the newswire up and running, it’s worth re-posting here.

18 badasses were arrested for this action and are facing up to life in prison under an obscure law. Unlikely as that is, it’s more proof that some laws are designed explicitly to help out the railroad industry.

In case you were wondering what’s wrong with coal, our friends in the UK can explain it quite well.

Rising Tide UK and friends are kickin’ ass and takin’ names. Here’s a helpful map of all coal activity in the UK.

This is a blog from a community in Scotland that is fighting coal development in their community and looking into direct action as a means to that end.

And in case you need yet another reason to go overseas this summer, they’re having a massive gathering that may or may not end in some direct action.