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Tibet Glaciers Melting Due to South Asian Pollution

25 Mar

Tibet 05 03 Nojin Kangtsang and Glacier From Karo La

from the Economic Times

BEIJING: About 90 per cent of glaciers in Tibet called the Third Pole region, are shrinking because of black carbon pollution “transferred from South Asia” to the Tibetan Plateau, a Chinese scientist has warned.

The Third Pole region, which is centred on the Tibetan Plateau and concerns the interests of the surrounding countries and regions, covers more than five million square kilometres and has an average altitude of more than 4,000 metres. Continue reading

Just Released: No REDD Papers, Vol I

9 Dec

REDD is an acronym for the UN Program: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries. There are many concerns amongst indigenous, environmental, social justice, and climage change groups that REDD policies favor global market capitalism and industry at the expense of forest health and local/indigenous sovereignty.

Global Justice Ecology Project has just published the No REDD Papers, Volume 1. To download it, click on one of the links below. The first link will download the booklet with one page per sheet of paper; the second link will download the booklet with 2 pages, side by side, per piece of paper.


To download the beautiful poster, click here: NO REDD_Poster-Cartel