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Why I Love TWAC

22 Apr

…Even though I’ll never go to one

by some cis-male, for the Earth First! Newswire

If you travel in activist circles (or you read the EF! Newswire), you’ve likely heard of TWAC—the Trans and Womyns’ Action Camp—by now. And if you’re a person who lives life identifying with the male gender that you were assigned and socialized with since birth, hearing about it is as close as you’ll get.

So listen and learn all you can fellas, cause the folks who have been dedicated to organizing TWAC gatherings and actions are at the forefront of the grassroots direct action movement. Perhaps you’ll want to start by watching this kick-ass new video from their post-camp action against GEO Group in south Florida earlier this month (or, for a twisted view, check out this wingut from Lake Worth’s take on the TWAC/Earth First! conspiracy.) …

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