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Sierra Club Announces Direct Action to Stop Tar Sands?!?

22 Jan
Syncrude Operations effluent pipe and tailings, Alberta, Canada

Syncrude Operations effluent pipe and tailings, Alberta, Canada. Pic from Sierra Club website

Big Green Plans Civil Disobedience for First Time in Organization’s History

“If you could do it nonstop, it would take you six days to walk from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden Pond to President Barack Obama’s White House. For the Sierra Club, that journey has taken much longer. For 120 years, we have remained committed to using every “lawful means”… Now, for the first time in our history, we are prepared to go further.” —Michael Brune, Sierra Club Executive Director

Could this be a sign that an era of ecological mass movement is upon us? We’d hate to get too enthusiastic about the folks at Sierra Club finally making the right choice on dropping their policy against civil disobedience so shortly after the Carl Pope/Chesapeake Gas scandal, but the results of this decision could certainly change the game up a bit.Yes, it might be time for you radicals to suck it up, start going to your local Sierra meetings and reach outside your anarcho-clique…   [Read an update to this post below. 1/24/13]

But don’t think this means we’ll get to sit and relax while watching the liberals exercise their spines on the blockade. As always, the role of Earth First! is to keep pushing the envelope—until said envelope has been reduced to ashes. So, let’s take this as one step towards that burning green fire of liberation.

Here’s what Sierra’s official press release had to say:

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North Carolina Pledges Action Against Fracking

22 May

On May 19th, roughly 200 people gathered in Raleigh, the capital of North Carolina, to participate in a colorful march organized by Croatan Earth First! on Occupy Well Street’s Day of Action Against Extraction. Protesters marched through downtown with giant puppets, emulating earth spirits and elements, and arrived at the legislature where they plan to legalize fracking in the next coming months. After a talk about the importance of civil disobedience and direct action, hundreds of people recited a pledge of resistance outside the legislature promising to personally take action to stop hydraulic fracturing if it’s legalized. A sermon for the water was delivered as a coffin filled with water was presented to the legislature. A wide range of people and organizations participated in the march including Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Cumnock Preservation Association and Raleigh Occupy. Speeches were given by NC WARN, a representative of Red Hat, the Neuse Riverkeeper, W.A.L.L of Anson County, and Clean Water for North Carolina. Banners read, “No Jobs On A Dead Planet,” “Don’t Frack North Carolina – Earth First!,” and “We Can’t Drink Money.” Croatan Earth First! is planning to organize a direct action training camp in late summer to prepare if hydrofracking is legalized in the state.

For more photos and video see: http://www.croatanearthfirst.com

College Professor Grilled by the FBI about Fracking Resistance

29 Mar

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An FBI agent and a Dallas police officer spoke last month with philosophy and religion professor Adam Briggle about specific materials in a syllabus for one of his courses on civil disobedience.

Law enforcement officials brought up an article in his curriculum that supports “monkeywrenching,” an act of sabotaging equipment performed by activists to stop projects they deem damaging to the environment.

Briggle believed the FBI agent and officer were only seeking information.

“They told me they are acting proactively and preventatively to smell out any signs of trouble for any potential eco-terrorist strikes revolving around the gas drilling issue on the Barnett Shale,” Briggle said.

The FBI agent referenced a chapter from the book “Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching.” The first chapter, by Dave Foreman, calls on individuals “to act heroically in defense of the wild, to put a monkeywrench into the gears of the machine that is destroying natural diversity.”

“I told the FBI guy I counsel my students to break the law; just the unjust laws,” Briggle said. “As Foreman says, and Martin Luther King said, and Gandhi said, it should be a very serious and prolonged process to make sure you’ve gone through all the legal means first. That’s a very difficult thing to find out: what is an unjust law?”

The agent and police officer repeated several times that they supported free speech as protected in the First Amendment but explained there is a difference between protesting and violence.

“At one point they asked me, ‘Have you heard anything about IEDs [improvised explosive devices]?’” Briggle said.

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Seven Protesters Accused of Blocking Construction at Lowell Wind Project

6 Dec
Written by Terri Hellenbeck

LOWELL — Six Vermonters were cited Monday morning on suspicion of unlawful trespass after allegedly standing in the way of construction vehicles on Green Mountain Power Corp.’s Lowell wind project.

The arrests mark a change in strategy for the protesters, who had been camping near where crews were blasting to make way for construction of turbines. Most of them abided by a court order to stay clear of the blasting, but the blasting in that area and the court order ended Friday.

Monday, the protesters sought to block construction vehicles from operating on disputed land, said wind-project opponent Steve Wright. Wind-project opponents Don and Shirley Nelson claim they own the land — but Green Mountain Power leases the property from Trip Wileman, whom the utility argues owns it.

Wright said the protesters stopped construction vehicles with large signs reading, “Road Closed: Due to Environmental Destruction” and “Detour To Honest Energy Policy.”

Orleans County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Philip Brooks said Green Mountain Power officials called authorities to report protesters were trespassing. Protesters were given a chance to leave, but seven refused, Brooks said. They were processed at the state police station in Derby and cited to appear in court later this month, he said.

Green Mountain Power spokeswoman Dorothy Schnure said the incident delayed work in the area for about an hour.

According to Brooks, those cited were:

• Robert Holland, 67, of Irasburg, one of the leading opponents of the 21-turbine project.

• Christopher Braithwaite, 67, of Glover. He is publisher of the Barton Chronicle newspaper.

• David Rodgers, 69, of Craftsbury.

• Ryan Gillard, 23, of Plainfield.

• Suzanne Jones, 50, of Walden.

• Eric Wallace-Senft, 46, of Wolcott.

• Anne Morse, 48, of Craftsbury Commons

For more info please check out: http://lowellmountainsnews.wordpress.com/

Timothy DeChristopher Found Guilty for Climate Civil Disobedence

7 Mar

by Jamie Henn
published at the Huffington Post

On Thursday, a jury in Salt Lake City declared climate activist Tim DeChristopher guilty for his interference with an oil and gas auction held at the end of the Bush administration. He faces a sentence of up to 10 years, to be determined by a judge.

The following is a transcript and video of Tim’s speech outside of the courthouse after the guilty verdict was handed down. Tim’s words are reminiscent of the heroes of other social movements that used civil disobedience to achieve their ends. And they’re a challenge to all of us working to solve the climate crisis to consider our own willingness to go to jail for our beliefs (in fact, a website, Climate Direct Action, has been set up for people to sign up to learn more about how to take part in civil disobedience for the climate).

Here is Tim’s speech: