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ALF Releases 29 Rabbits from Barcelona Factory Farm

27 Apr

Cross posted from Bite Back:

received anonymously (translation):

29 Rabbits Liberated From a Factory Farm in Barcelona

On the night of April 13, 2013, Animal Liberation Front activists opened the cages of thirty rabbits who were to be killed in a few days. The initial goal was to get many more out, but when we arrived we saw that because of their enormous size and weight it would be impossible to liberate the number we had thought, so with great effort we carried away our backpacks full of our new and surprised friends.

If you’ve ever seen the terrified eyes of an animal in a cage and then felt their heart beating next to yours at the time of their release, you know exactly the meaning of Animal Liberation. After seeing them locked in small cages without soil, and then later see them walk and feel the wild life, you know that while you have strength, you won’t stop fighting for Total Liberation.

We’re not going to ask for their cages to be larger or comfortable.
We’re not going to ask that the conditions in which they are tortured in experiments are ‘improved,’
We’re not going to ask that when they are killed, that it be done ‘humanely’… Continue reading

Orginal Animal Liberation Front Communique From 1986 Raid

29 Dec

Read the Original Typed Communique from 1986 Oregon ALF Raid

by Peter Young

Building Raided by the Animal Liberation Front in 1986

Recently I had the good fortune of getting access to a rare ALF document retrieved from the University of Oregon’s internal files. Someone had found the original typed communique sent to the school by the Animal Liberation Front after their raid of the U of O’s labs in 1986, and offered it for publication here – to be read in full, maybe for the first time since the 1980s.

Over 200 animals were rescued in the raid, equipment destroyed, and photos confiscated. The ALF issued this communique in response to misinformation about the raid spread by the university.

The person who found the communique scanned the original document, which I am posting here. To my knowledge, this communique has not been published in full for 25 years – if ever.

The entry for this raid from the ALF Diary of Actions reads:

October 26th, 1986
Eugene, OR
University of Oregon raided. Overnight
break-in at two buildings. 264 animals
(12 hamsters, 28 cats, 24 rabbits, 100
rats and pigeons) liberated. $120,000 in
damage to the labs.
A.L.F. Unit #5, Pacific Northwest

The only person to admit to a role in this raid is Jonathan Paul, recently released from prison, after serving 4 years for another ALF action: burning down the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse in Redmond, Oregon. As part of his plea agreement in that case, Paul admitted to a role in a host of other Animal Liberation Front actions, including the raid of the University of Oregon labs.

Take inspiration from this well-written, powerful, and little-seen ALF document.

Read the communique here.