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Support Needed for Arizona-based Activist Center

14 Sep
Since the 60’s there have been an array of spaces created to provide resources to communities — from soup kitchens to free schools to community gardens — sharing food and alternative education platforms have long been apart of our formula for social change, social justice and mutual aid. Today, there are hundreds of autonomous Food Not Bombs chapters world wide and countless social centers, infoshops and free schools maintained by volunteers. While many of these projects are made possibly solely through donations and volunteers, it is important for us to seek larger funding tools to help sustain our goals. Check out the following press release to learn how you can support one of the most effective and productive activist centers in the country!
“Right now there exists no other community action resource center in Arizona, so it’s imperative that a space like Táala Hooghan becomes more sustainable so information about grassroots efforts overlooked by the media continue to circulate within Arizona.” stated Hailey Sherwood, a volunteer with Táala Hooghan.