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We Will Counterattack Three Corporations for their World Wide Terrorism in the Next Six Months

7 Feb

And this is just the beginning…

OK,  up front lets just say this is a post about a fictional movie about a wild anarchist collective called The East starring that sexy blond viking vampire guy from True Blood, and sadly, not a new communique from the Earth Liberation Front. We are not suggesting that anyone seek to hold corporations accountable through acts of vigilante heroism and sheer awesomeness, unless you are really prepared for it, and in that case, well hell, we support you.

But damn, check out this trailer below.

We don’t know much about this movie except that it presents a fictional movement of underground radicals (sexy ones, as they all are) bent on revenge against our corporate overlords for terrorizing communities around the world and befouling our planet’s life support systems. Give it a look see, maybe you’ll be inspired…or terrified, and in that case you probably work on Wall Street or for Raytheon, and in that case quit yer job dip shit or Alexander Skarsgård will be coming to get you!

Skaarsguard just finished eating the CEO of TransCanada

Skarsgard just finished eating the CEO of TransCanada which he washed down with a Dick Cheney smoothie