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No Dash for Gas Occupies Gas-Fired Power Plant in UK

30 Oct

Cross Posted from The Guardian

Protesters at West Burton power station

Climate change protesters perched 91m (300ft) up two power station towers have repeated promises to stay for as long as possible, in spite of derisive criticism from the local Labour MP and police estimates that local taxpayers could be hit for £200,000 costs.

The two occupying groups from No Dash for Gas are planning to fly kites in a stiff, chilly breeze from the water cooling towers at West Burton in north Nottinghamshire which has been targeted as one of the UK’s new generation of gas-fired power plants.

The owners and operators EDF have temporarily closed down the £600m generator, which has been undergoing tests before starting supplies to the national grid. Consumers have not been affected and vast plumes of steam continue to pour from the adjacent coal-fired power station built in the late 1960s by the Labour government of Harold Wilson.

The main group of 11 protesters whose base is a tarpaulin-wrapped tent on the central of the plant’s three towers tweeted that more police had come on to the site with loudspeakers to communicate with the group. Campaigners are taking turns to occupy a platform dangling inside the chimney flue, to prevent restarting of operations, while a further six protesters are on the second chimney, which is not yet fully constructed or operational.

Ewa Jasiewicz, one of the activists at the top of the tower, wrote in the Guardian on Monday: “We’re doing this because the gas plant, which is still being constructed by its operator, EDF, is one of the first in a new dash for gas that has to be stopped. The government and the big energy companies want to build as many as 20 new gas power stations, which would leave the UK dependent on this highly polluting and increasingly expensive fuel for decades to come.”

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