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EF! Action Camp in Maine coming up soon…

17 Sep

a well-trained (in some ways) Maine EF!er facing off with the Law

September 28th-30th at the East Sangerville Grange

Those Maine-iacs are planning to prep you on kicking some ass for the wild.

And they’re gonna kick if off with a “Night to Howl!on Friday from 5pm – 10pm. It’ll be an evening of food, entertainment and celebration of the local culture of resistance, with music by: Sid Stutzman, Evergreen and other local musicians.

The following days are dedicated to Direct Action Trainings from 9am-5pm (12-1pm BYO lunch)

This two day long training will provide skillshares on planning and executing effective direct actions, with topics including: legal, media, strategy, facilitation and consensus, selecting a target, and  more!    Continue reading

An Invitation from Cascadia

6 Jun

Join us in the woods to learn the skills needed to defend the wild!

Cascadia is a vast area of wilderness that includes Oregon, Washington and stretches north through British Columbia, Canada. The Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Earth First! of Oregon are dedicated to protecting the dense forests of giant trees, cold rushing waters and thriving biodiversity. This summer these Earth warriors were on the road throughout the Cascadia Oregon region to educate communities about the ongoing threat of destruction to our American wilderness. If you missed one of the Cascadia EF! Roadshow tour dates, consider joining forest defenders in the woods for a Earth First! Cascadia Regional Rendezvous!

Following the Earth First! Cascadia Roadshow, organizers are back at their home bases to prepare for the regional Rondy. You are invited to join in the forest defense movement! If you have always wanted to become more involved in wilderness protection and the “no compromise” environmental movement, a national or regional Earth First! Summer Rendezvous is a great place to learn about the ongoing struggle to defend our wild, public lands and the species that call these areas home. An EF! Rendezvous is also a place to expand the movement, strengthen connections, and celebrate the work that is involved in protecting the wild. Continue reading