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New EF! Journal Office Phone number, at last!

22 Mar
Check out "The Early History of the Robot Wars part I"

Check out the EF! Journal’sEarly History of the Robot Wars part I

If you’ve been trying to call us at the Earth First! Journal office for the past few months, well, you probably haven’t had much luck. Our phone number keeps changing, thanks to the corporate sleaze of ATT and their new higher-tech U-Verse system. Yeah, it’s been a real pain in the ass for us too. But we’re ready to give you a new number, one which should stay stable right up until the collapse of this techno-industrial empire. So get your address books out. Or just send a text straight into your eyeball, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Here it is: (561) 320-3840

But the best way to reach us is still the good ol’ fashioned post office. Earth First! Journal, PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460.


Submissions call out for the Beltane 2013 issue of the Earth First! Journal

12 Mar

newspaper-on-firePrint media may be dead, but its fungus-riddled zombie corpse is still kicking around. Despite our commitment to provide news of the brewing eco-rebellion via hyper-speed neural tech networks, we’re still churning out slow time paper publications for Luddites, prisoners, those without cybernetic implants, and anyone who likes licking their fingers before turning a page. But hey, we can’t do it without your help!

So if you wanna see your article, words, or story on the shelves of your local infoshop or lining the homes of liberated lab rats, Continue reading

Day 2 of the Earth First! Film Fest in Florida

1 Dec
Get yer radical holiday EF! merch at the Earth First! Film Fest

Get yer radical holiday EF! merch at the Earth First! Film Fest

We have an awesome lineup of some radical, entertaining, visual awesomeness! People are coming in from all over and we already have a handful of Earth First!ies crashing in our EF! Journal office (thanks for working in the garden friends!).

So bring yerself over here to see these incredible movies on a big screen, eat food, and hangout with folks.

Continue reading

Earth First! Journalist popped at Tar Sands Blockade

18 Oct

Why was that cop bumpin’n’grindin’ with the excavator in front of me?! I know that law and industry work hand-in-hand.. But this is too much.

[Yeah, that’s right. We EF! Journalistas occasionally escape the doldrums of office life and get out to the woods to raise some hell. The following is a first hand account, re-posted from TarSandsBlockade.org]

One Blockader’s Story (Day 25)

by panagioti / Earth First! Newswire

Monday’s early morning hike into the site of the tree blockade allowed me to see the lush and mature forest surrounding the Keystone XL construction first-hand. The abundant slash pine trees and beautyberry shrubs gave me a rush of energy that comes with unexpected sense of familiarity. I couldn’t help but think of the flatwoods of my home in Florida (what they call ‘piney woods’ out here).

So when we got to the massive industrial scar that now cuts through the forest, in preparation for a tar sands pipeline, the impact hit me that much deeper. Obvious wetlands and waterways were clearly trashed, and an absurd security force surrounded the aerial blockade site attempting to starve out the on-site resistance.    Continue reading

The Earth First! Death Cult? It does have a nice ring to it!

26 Sep

Did you ever stop to consider that the wild and hairy anarchists of the Earth First! Movement are really just a bunch of death cult Illuminati in cahoots with big government, Time magazine, the Shriners and um, aliens and lizard people and shit? Yeah, we didn’t either.

But now, after watching this video “Earth First! Death Cult” from Infowars.com, an Alex Jones right wing news source, those of us at the Earth First! Journal are starting to look at each other a little bit differently. Is Pana really working for the Chinese government ? Why did Nettle say “I’ll be right back” after we asked her about her connections to the Obama/Cheney Brotherhood? Where is Molly, why isn’t she here, and is that even their real name? Is Russ really just the love child of Vlad Putin and Nancy Reagan? And is that a pro-Syrian government scarf Sasha is wearing?

Things are getting weird, and while it might be fun to make up a lot of really crazy shit and blabber about it, Earth First!ers don’t want to turn people into sheep. We want people to get fucking awesome and take back their wild natures. In fact, we’d like to see people more armed and more dangerous and more autonomous, and we’d like governments, power stations, and chain stores to crumble.

But seriously, Anchor guy who kills ants with boric acid, we are coming for your children!

For the Wild,

The Earth First! Journal Collective

(P.S. If you thought that was even a little funny, please make a donation to the Earth First! Death Cu…uh…Journal… Seriously, if the Journal were to die, we’d be left with this guy explaining our movement to the world.)

The new Earth First! Journal is OUT… Almost

23 Jun

Notes about the Beltane 2012 edition, and other updates from your broke but loyal EF!J collective

Rabbits.. Spring.. Get it? (We know, its a little late..) The cover image is also a shout out to our warriors locked in cages. Wait’ll you see the back side, it’ll all make more sense.

The season of Eostar faded into Beltane, and now Beltane has faded into Litha, leaving many of you wondering how the Summer Solstice passed without ever seeing the Spring edition of the Earth First! Journal. Well the good news is that it’s done. In fact it’s been done since Beltane—that’s May Day, for all you commies out there. The bummer news is that we were only able to scrape together money to get it from the printer last week.. And we’re just barely able to cover the cost of getting it out the door to the post office (let alone pay our bills!)

It seems that almost half-a-million visits to the online EF! Newswire—averaging 1,000 a day now—doesn’t translate into economic stability. Ah! The Internet, damned if you do… (I can’t bear to utter the rest of that cliché.) In any case, we want you to see what we’ve been up to.

Revenge of the Nerds
Eco-Defense Goes Digital
-Skylar Simmons

Let the Bad-Assity Begin (Again)
A report from the “Giving EF! a Kick in the Ass” workshop series
-Toby V. Potter

Thinking Long Term
A Proposal for an Earth First! Land Project
-Marie Mason

Twenty Years of Protecting Forest Ecosystems
a Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project Retrospective
-Karen Coulter

Extinction: A Timeline
-Molly Jane

In the Path of the Energy Locomotive
Resisting Colombia’s Quimbo Hydroelectric Project
-Entre Aguas

Click here for some more new articles that we’ve already put online (and to subscribe or make a donation).

See you at the Rondy?

If you haven’t noticed yet, the folks from Marcellus EF! released directions and set up a ride board for the Round River Rendezvous (RRR, er the Rondy). Our goal is to get Journals in the mail in time for subscribers to have them as they walk out the door heading for western PA, so you’ll have something to read on the train, on the side of the road, on the bus, the plane, or while your driving (if everyone else can text and drive, why shouldn’t you be able to read the EF!J?!)

As we mentioned, this is gonna take a little help. And pronto. If making online donations isn’t your thing, you can print out the EF! Journal Summer 2012 fund letter and send it back in with a check or money order, asap. If you don’t see it before leaving for the Rondy, rest assured that you can pick one up when you get there.

Other EF! articles to hold you over

In effort to make amends for our tardiness, here are some links to awesome original articles that we’ve only published online over the last several month:

Volunteer Party & Work Week!

Here in the Loxahatchee River, where the skunk ape works the phones for us…

And last, don’t forget that we’re inviting you to a week of jam-packed volunteer opportunities for the eco-rev, at our Journal office in the Night Heron activist center, and adventuring in the Loxahatchee watershed. Join us the first week after the Rondy here in Lake Worth, FL. Check this link for details.

Oh, and if you’re in the area, come on out this Monday to the Night Heron and help with preparing the mailing.

Subscribe to the EF! Journal: Limited Time Offer

1 Jun

Greetings to our on-line community!

Our newswire hits have maintained awesome numbers! Thanks so much for visiting the Earth First! Newswire for your daily dose of international environmental news! Soon, the Earth First! Journal Collective will be offering digital subscriptions for all our avid readers who prefer to not subscribe to the printed publication. If you find the Earth First! Newswire to be an important source of independent media, please consider making a donation of any size by visiting our home site or sending a check or money order to the address below.

Subscriptions are the backbone of the support for the Earth First! Journal and the Journal is the backbone of the Earth First! movement. Subscriptions, renewals and donations help us to support the grassroots groups actively  defending the wild, to serve as an organizing tool, and to bring quality news and analysis.

Our goal for the next two weeks is to raise $2,000 for our next publication. As an incentive for helping us achieve this goal, we are offering a limited time rate of $20 for a yearly subscription. Today we received a donation of $250, kickstarting our initiative.

Here are other ways you can support the EF! Journal:

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Earth First! Journal collective representin’ from Exarchia to Baltimore

29 May

Click on the poster to get a closer glimpse of the event in Greece…

An editor from the Earth First! Journal will be presenting a slide show of  ecological resistance movements in the U.S. and around the world, this weekend at gatherings in Athens, Greece (Friday) and Baltimore, Maryland (Sunday). The theme of the presentation “No System but the Ecosystem” intends to explore the overlapping struggles for social freedom and wild nature. Come check it out, if you happen to be in either neighborhood… Or, even better, invite us to come to your local bioregion!

Call to Action for Supporters of the Earth First! Journal

10 May

The Earth First! Journal collective has just received a challenge that is also a wonderful opportunity – a donor has volunteered to match dollar-for-dollar HALF of the costs raised by other contributors to fund the upcoming Beltane (spring) issue, if we receive them within the next two weeks. Currently, the issue is complete, merely awaiting the funds to be printed and mailed.

The Earth First! Journal is the voice of the radical environmental movement. It is a bold, controversial, and diverse magazine that delivers the raw dirt on topics you won’t find anywhere else. Published quarterly (four times a year), the Journal contains reports on direct action, articles on the preservation of wilderness and biological diversity, news and announcements about EF! and other radical environmental groups, investigative articles, critiques of the entire environmental movement, book and music reviews, essays exploring ecological theory, and a lively letters to the editor section. The Earth First! Journal is an essential forum for discussion within the movement. Here is an example of material in the upcoming issue:  Extinction page 1 | Extinction page 2 | Treetopia

Things you can do to plug into this effort:

[ the contact email for the following information is: collective@earthfirstjournal.org ]
  • Share or relink this blog post to all your friends, followers, and subscribers. Spreading the word is crucial to the success of the movement.
  • Set up a fundraising event in solidarity with Earth First! in your town, for example, a concert, party, or garage sale. Ask the collective for knowledge garnered from previous events.
  • Table a local event selling EF! merch – just contact the collective to get a box of materials (cds, pins, patches, magazines, etc.) sent to you.
  • You can order a subscription to the Journal online at www.earthfirstjournal.org, or send a $30 check  to “Earth First! Journal” at PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460.
  • Get creative! Share your fund-raising ideas with us. Let’s work together to make this happen!

Seen the latest Earth First! Journal yet?

12 Mar

Well, here are some sample articles from Brigid 2012, now up online:

If Deep Green Resistance & the Occupy movement merged
Reflections from Greece, Fall 2011
By panagioti, of the Earth First! Journal editorial collective

Eat, Sleep, Click
A bicycle-powered internet? or “How much fracking is that cat porn worth to you?”
By Jane Anne Morris, author of Gaveling Down the Rabble

The Black Fish
Joining the fight for the oceans
By Wietse van der Werf, co-founder of Black Fish, recently formed ocean defense organization

The Howls of Reprisal
Wolf Defense in Oregon
By Justin of the Animal Defense League

The issue also includes stories on Biofuels & Land Struggle in Central America, Updates from the Northern Rockies on Wolf and Tar Sand Resistance, Letters from Comrades Behind Bars, Warrior Poetry, Eco-Fiction, and so much more. Check out a PDF of the Table of Contents.

To order a copy, or get a subscription, visit www.earthfirstjournal.org today.