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Earth First! Calls On Activists to “Disrupt the Chain of Supply” for Oil and Gas Industry

22 Jul

“An Insurgency Against Fracking… Has Begun”

EF Momentive blockade NC 2013

EF! Blockade at Momentive facility, NC, July 8 2013. Credit: Croatan Earth First!.

The following text is from a press release of the newly-formed Earth First! Media office, which provides correspondence to news outlets around the world.

Raleigh, NC—Earlier this month, activists with Earth First! blockaded the North Carolina facility of a company involved in hydrofracking for oil and gas. According to Earth First!, this action is the start of a coordinated effort to target businesses involved with the controversial fracking industry.

Following this action by Croatan Earth First!—a group based in central North Carolina—a new online resource, FrackIndustry.org, was also launched. The website provides detailed information, including addresses of offices and facilities operated by companies such as Carbo Ceramics, US Silica, Rainbow Ceramics, Northern Frac Proppants, and Momentive, the target of this month’s blockade in Morganton, N.C.

Croatan Earth First! says Momentive is a prime example, being one of the largest worldwide distributors of “resin coated proppants,”a necessary component for fracking. Each stage of the industrial process requires approximately 136 tons of the proppants.  Continue reading

Deep Green Transphobia

15 May

A statement from the Earth First! Journal Collective


On several occasions the Earth First! Journal editorial collective has run pieces both online and in print either written by or about the Deep Green Resistance Movement. As a collective, we’ve considered DGR to have some value to Earth First! discussions around feminism, organizing principles, ecological analysis and critiques of civilization. In 2010 we published a piece by Lierre Kieth and Derrick Jensen, and in 2012 we inserted a section from the book Deep Green Resistance on militant approaches to the ecological crisis, which was written by Aric McBay.

The Earth First! Journal collective is dedicated to providing our readers with views from diverse groups, from Earth First!ers on the frontlines to conservative farmers’ struggling against the Keystone XL Pipeline or fracking; from the Move 9 and all political prisoners to Zapatistas, liberal climate change media stars, pacifist Quakers against mountaintop removal and bomb throwing anarchists in Mexico and Greece. It is our goal to print stories and analysis that spark relevant discussion, new alliances, necessary schisms and resistance.

However, in light of DGR’s continued assault on trans people, with language and analysis that denies the struggles of trans-people and even goes so far as to deny the value, worth and power of their existence in radical movements, labeling trans people as somehow “not real,” or as Post-Modern manifestations of individualism, the Earth First! Journal collective will no longer print or in any way promote DGR material. While we don’t need to agree with an individual or organization to find their words or actions relevant for discussion we will not continue to include those whose core expression of values continues to promote exclusion and oppression. Continue reading

Uprooted: What Fuels Such an Absolute Commitment to a Cause?

12 May

by Sarah Pike, Cross Posted from Aeon Magazine

Julia Butterfly Hill spent 738 days living in a 55m California Redwood tree in a successful attempt to prevent the clearing of surrounding forest. Photo by Eric Slomanson

Julia Butterfly Hill spent 738 days living in a 55m California Redwood tree. Photo by Eric Slomanson

One day last summer, a young woman looked down on a small crowd of vocal supporters and police officers from her hammock or ‘sky pod’, 60ft above an old logging road in Moshannon State Forest in Pennsylvania. The pod was tied to trees and anchored to a blockade across the road, so that anyone trying to move the blockade would release her in a dangerous, perhaps fatal, fall to the forest floor. Another activist on the ground had locked his neck to one of the lines anchoring her pod.

It was a familiar sight from protests against the logging of old-growth forests, but here the target was different. Workers who arrived for their shift that Sunday morning could not get past the blockades to attend to a 70ft hydraulic fracturing drill rig used to extract natural gas from the rock formations beneath the forest floor. ‘You’re adults, but you’re acting like children,’ shouted one of the officers. They had been called to the scene by EQT, the natural gas company that had leased mineral rights to the gas-rich Marcellus Shale that lies beneath a large portion of several northeastern states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York. ‘We are peaceful protesters,’ responded one of the activists. Other officers stood by with assault rifles, waiting to see what would happen.

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Earth First! Round River Rendezvous, July 1-8, 2013, North Carolina

30 Apr

Image“A gathering of wild hearts”

The Round River Rendezvous is the annual gathering of the Earth First! Movement.

Each Summer, this week-long camp-out attracts several hundred Earth First!ers from around the world. The gathering is coordinated by a volunteer committee and includes workshops, campaign discussions, campfire music and a rally with performers and speakers. Perhaps the most important part of the Round River Rendezvous is the informal networking that goes on.

In addition, many international, national and bioregional rendezvous are held throughout the year. Announced in the Earth First! Journal, these gatherings are particularly important for developing a cohesive activist network and planning actions on a local level.

We are thrilled to announce that Croatan Earth First! will be hosting next summer’s rendezvous in North Carolina.

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Radical Media and Earth First! without You?

29 Apr

Hey all, the Earth First! Journal and Newswire have been pumping out that fresh front-lines news you won’t find together anywhere else.  We are also, perhaps, the only editors and journalists that meet copy deadlines while also engaging in blockades, tree-sits and other forms of industrial sabotage. We dig up the dirt on unreported oil spills, spread the news about grassroots campaigns and dabble in all sorts of raucous trouble makin’.

But the time and materials spent on this kind of eco-ninja journalism is, sadly, quite costly, and without your support we can’t keep it up. So what do you say?

Click here to donate and give a few bucks… or a thousand.  You can also snail mail it to us at P.O. Box 964 / Lake Worth, FL / 33460

We thank you a million times over and will put that money to damned good use!

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Earth Liberation Front Burns Down Earth First! Journal Office

1 Apr

from KTIV / West Palm BeachA scene from ``If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.''

Early this morning the Earth First! Journal office in Lake Worth, Fla. ignited in flames. Near the back of the building police found messages left in black and red spray paint that read: “If you print it, we will burn it,” “E.L.F.” and “Wilderness not Fonts.” 

Then at 5 am, local news station KTIV recieved an anonymous communique, signed by the Earth Liberation Front, an ecoterrorist organization that many claim to be an underground wing of the Earth First! movement.

The Earth Liberation Front takes credit for torching the Earth First! Journal office in Lake Worth, Fla. The Journal continues to print articles that exhibit capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. In light of global opposition to capitalism, and the murder of our planet at the hands of capitalists, the Journal’s use of capitalization needs to be stopped. We chose this office because it contains the bulk of the machines–the computers and other gizmos–these so called “luddite” office-slaves use to contaminate the radical print industry and enrich a sick and hierarchical grammar that privileges the first letters of sentences, diminishing the freedom and worth of all those that follow, trapped between an opening dictator and a period (or some other sort of end punctuation.)

After cutting through the padlock on the door to the office, we placed 4 five-gallon buckets filled with half gasoline and half diesel in strategic locations. Windows were broken to provide the fire with oxygen and timers were set.

Within just a few minutes the operation was complete.

We are the burning rage of a dying planet.

Welcome to the struggle of all species to be free!

Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

Read more at KTIV

A Q&A with Jaguar Advocate and Jag Critical Habitat Opponent Alan Rabinowitz

20 Mar

by Tony Davis / Arizona Star

Automatic wildlife cameras snapped this photo of a male jaguar on a nightly walk in the Santa Rita Mountains on Oct 25, 2012 near Tucson, Arizona

Automatic wildlife cameras snapped this photo of a male jaguar on a nightly walk in the Santa Rita Mountains on Oct 25, 2012 near Tucson, Arizona

“You don’t know how frustrated I am,” says Alan Rabinowitz, the world-renowned jaguar biologist and protector who opposes U.S. government designation of jaguar critical habitat in Southern Arizona. “I don’t like being on side of people fighting wildllands and wild spaces.

“But the worst thing is when the other side says environmentalists will do anything to get what they want. If I don’t go by the science of this issue, that is lending credence to this argument. This is what the data shows, that this is not critical habitat.”

But Rabinowitz’s critics in the environmental community say that designating at least 838,000 acres of Southern Arizona as jaguar critical habitat fits the best science, and with the Endangered Species Act’s definition of species recovery. In addition, Earth First! maintains that Rabinowitz is tainted by the fact that a mining company executive, Thomas Kaplan, is Panthera’s board chairman and helped found the group in 2006. Panthera’s web page describes Kaplan as “a passionate environmentalist and supporter of wildlife conservation.” Continue reading

Treesit in California Against CalTrans Bypass

29 Jan

cross-posted from The Willits News, by Linda Williams

"Warbler," a Little Lake Valley resident, is now perched in a tree along the future Willits bypass footprint to prevent CalTrans from cutting down trees.

“Warbler,” a Little Lake Valley resident, is now perched in a tree along the future Willits bypass footprint to prevent CalTrans from cutting down trees.

A coalition of environmental groups staged a protest Monday morning along Highway 101 to protest the construction of the highway bypass around Willits.

Dozens of protestors from Earth First! joined with a newly formed Willits group called Save our Little Lake Valley in an effort to stop the planned tree cutting along the bypass footprint. In addition to picket signs, a local woman is now living on a platform nestled in top of one of the trees slated for removal. Picketers on the ground vowed to support her tree sitting protest for as long as it takes.

“CalTrans did not cut today, it was definitely a victory,” says organizer Sarah Grusky of Save our Little Lake Valley. “We plan to hold vigils as often as possible to keep a lookout.”

CalTrans has been working for the past few weeks, placing markers along the project right of way preparing for the contractor to begin work. The first significant work scheduled for the contractor is to cut the trees along the bypass route to prevent migratory birds from nesting in them. Tree cutting is expected to start within two to three weeks according to CalTrans spokesman Phil Frisbie. Continue reading

Solidarity With Marie Mason on her 51st Birthday

27 Jan
Solidarity With Marie In North Carolina

A banner posted to the fence at the disputed CVS building that was squatted/occupied last year as a campaign of resisting corporate development; at the corner of Weaver St. and Greensboro St in Carrboro, NC on Sunday January 27th. This banner was posted the day after a local eco-prisoner letter writing night in celebration of Marie Mason’s birthday. reposted from croatanearthfirst

Everglades Earth First! and friends sing happy birthday to Marie at the Monkeywrench Cafe in Lake Worth, Jan 27, 2013

Everglades Earth First! and friends sing happy birthday to Marie at the Monkeywrench Cafe in Lake Worth, Jan 27, 2013

Adapted from her support page: “January 26, 2013, is Marie Mason’s 51st birthday, which she is celebrating locked in a special control unit in the federal prison in Carswell, Texas. Marie is three years into her almost twenty-two year sentence.

Following a December call-out, events for Marie’s birthday have been held in countries around the world. They include Wellington, New Zealand; Haifa, Israel; Nijmegen, Netherlands; Vancouver, Canada; and Oakland, Baltimore, Chapel Hill, Bloomington, Minneapolis, New York City, Lake Worth, Philadelphia, and Troy, New York in the United States. Supporters have sent birthday cards, held yoga classes, had afternoon tea, shown movies, and had cake to celebrate with her and let her know that she is neither alone nor forgotten.

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Earth First! Journal Editor’s Foray into Electoral Politics Proves Violence Inherent in the System

14 Nov

This is what freedom tastes like!