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Campaign to Transfer Marie Mason from Special Isolation

21 Aug

Marie MasonFrom Support Marie Mason

The campaign to have Marie moved from her special isolation unit is underway! Please write a letter today.

You can download the “Move Marie” here:

trifold color brochure (smaller version, 600KB)

trifold color brochure (larger version)

The text version and a sample letter are available here.

Domestic Eco-Terrorism Has Deep Pockets, Including Moms that Love Ecotage

27 Jul

from Earth First! Newsgmo-genetically-modified-organism_50290d5e92a11

According to a recent article in Forbes, environmental saboteurs in the U.S. receive broad popular support as well as financial resources from the organic foods industry.

The article’s authors Jay Byme, a corporate public relations expert and former U.S. AID senior official, and Henry I. Miller, founding director of the FDA’s Office of Biotechnology, claim that groups like Moms against Monsanto, Earth First!, GreenPeace, Stonyfield Organic and New York Time’s food writer Mark Bittman form a synergistic and terroristic anti-GMO food movement with the ultimate goal being “to sell more overpriced, overrated organic food.”  Continue reading

Earth Liberation Front Burns Down Earth First! Journal Office

1 Apr

from KTIV / West Palm BeachA scene from ``If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.''

Early this morning the Earth First! Journal office in Lake Worth, Fla. ignited in flames. Near the back of the building police found messages left in black and red spray paint that read: “If you print it, we will burn it,” “E.L.F.” and “Wilderness not Fonts.” 

Then at 5 am, local news station KTIV recieved an anonymous communique, signed by the Earth Liberation Front, an ecoterrorist organization that many claim to be an underground wing of the Earth First! movement.

The Earth Liberation Front takes credit for torching the Earth First! Journal office in Lake Worth, Fla. The Journal continues to print articles that exhibit capital letters at the beginning of each sentence. In light of global opposition to capitalism, and the murder of our planet at the hands of capitalists, the Journal’s use of capitalization needs to be stopped. We chose this office because it contains the bulk of the machines–the computers and other gizmos–these so called “luddite” office-slaves use to contaminate the radical print industry and enrich a sick and hierarchical grammar that privileges the first letters of sentences, diminishing the freedom and worth of all those that follow, trapped between an opening dictator and a period (or some other sort of end punctuation.)

After cutting through the padlock on the door to the office, we placed 4 five-gallon buckets filled with half gasoline and half diesel in strategic locations. Windows were broken to provide the fire with oxygen and timers were set.

Within just a few minutes the operation was complete.

We are the burning rage of a dying planet.

Welcome to the struggle of all species to be free!

Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

Read more at KTIV

We Will Counterattack Three Corporations for their World Wide Terrorism in the Next Six Months

7 Feb

And this is just the beginning…

OK,  up front lets just say this is a post about a fictional movie about a wild anarchist collective called The East starring that sexy blond viking vampire guy from True Blood, and sadly, not a new communique from the Earth Liberation Front. We are not suggesting that anyone seek to hold corporations accountable through acts of vigilante heroism and sheer awesomeness, unless you are really prepared for it, and in that case, well hell, we support you.

But damn, check out this trailer below.

We don’t know much about this movie except that it presents a fictional movement of underground radicals (sexy ones, as they all are) bent on revenge against our corporate overlords for terrorizing communities around the world and befouling our planet’s life support systems. Give it a look see, maybe you’ll be inspired…or terrified, and in that case you probably work on Wall Street or for Raytheon, and in that case quit yer job dip shit or Alexander Skarsgård will be coming to get you!

Skaarsguard just finished eating the CEO of TransCanada

Skarsgard just finished eating the CEO of TransCanada which he washed down with a Dick Cheney smoothie

Earth Liberation Political Prisoners Sadie and Exile Punished for Being “Unrepentant”

28 Mar

by Leslie James Pickering

Earth Liberation prisoners Joyanna “Sadie” Zacher and Nathan “Exile” Block, who are a married couple, have been disallowed correspondence by their captors with the excuse that Sadie is “unrepentant” of her crimes.

Sadie and Exile are nearing the end of their seven-year-and-eight-month federal prison sentences for two million-dollar arsons prosecuted under the FBI’s Operation Backfire investigation into the Earth Liberation Front. Specifically, the couple has been convicted of the the $959,000 arson of the Romania Chevrolet dealership on March 30, 2001 and the $994,412 arson of Jefferson Poplar on May 21, 2001. Continue reading

Justin Solondz Pleads Guilty

21 Dec

UW Center of Urban Horticulture after May 2001 Fire

The man accused of building the firebomb used by Earth Liberation Front radicals to torch the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture in 2001 pleaded guilty this morning in U.S. District Court in Tacoma. Justin Solondz, 31, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and arson under a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, who agreed to recommend a seven-year prison sentence when Solondz is sentenced on March 16.

The man accused of building the firebomb used by Earth Liberation Front radicals to torch the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture in 2001 pleaded guilty this morning in U.S. District Court in Tacoma.

Justin Solondz, 31, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and arson under a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, who agreed to recommend a seven-year prison sentence when Solondz is sentenced on March 16.

A former student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Solondz was arrested July 6 in Chicago after his expulsion from China, where he had been serving a prison term for selling drugs.

Solondz was a purported member of a cell of radical environmentalists known as “The Family” who are believed to have participated in a string of arsons and other sabotage that caused $80 million in damage in Washington, Oregon, California and Colorado. Prosecutors claimed that Solondz built a firebomb in a “clean room” behind a home in Olympia, transported it to Seattle and served as the getaway driver the night of the UW arson.

The firebomb was planted in the office of UW professor Toby Bradshaw at the Center for Urban Horticulture. Bradshaw was targeted because the arsonists believed, mistakenly, he was genetically engineering trees. [EF!J Ed. note: see correction below]

Damage from the arson was estimated at more than $6 million.

In June, Solondz’s former girlfriend, Briana Waters, pleaded guilty to charges of arson, conspiracy to use a destructive device, possessing an unregistered destructive device and the use of an explosive device in a crime of violence in connection with the arson. She agreed to testify against Solondz.

Two other women, Lacey Phillabaum and Jennifer Kolar, pleaded guilty to the UW arson and were sentenced to three and five years, respectively. [EF!J Ed. note: Kolar and Phillabaum also cooperated with the state by testifying against others arrested for  ELF actions. Further details about them and other are listed here.]

Also charged in the UW arson was William C. Rodgers, who committed suicide in an Arizona jail in December 2005.

Solondz was indicted in Washington state and California in 2006. The FBI issued a $50,000 reward in late 2008 for information leading to his arrest. At the time, the FBI said he might be in Canada, Europe or Asia.

He surfaced in Dali, a Chinese city popular with Western tourists, using a phony Canadian identification and an altered appearance. He was arrested in a drug investigation in March 2009 and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Article reposted from Seattle Times.

EF! Journal Editors’ note and correction: Bradshaw was indeed involved with genetic engineering of poplar trees at the time of the arson, which is plainly clear from the University of Washington website: “Toby Bradshaw, a research professor in the department of Botany, is just one of many UW professors using genetic modification in their research…” 

The Seattle Times article’s allegation that the “arsonists believed, mistakenly, he was genetically engineering trees” is an outright lie perpetuated by industry PR machines. The dispute was only a minor technical matter between the language of the ELF communique and the quote by Bradshaw himself—the ELF alleging that he was engineering trees for commercial release, Bradshaw claiming that his research would never leave the lab.

Meanwhile, the massive push by biotech lobbyists continues with the assistance of lackeys like Bradshow at their service, as does the battle to stop GE trees from spreading across the world (including the US.) Just ask groups like the Global Justice Ecology Project about AborGen.

ELF actions in Russia in Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid

14 Jun

original communique from 325.nostate.net

“For me solidarity is a constant proposal to struggle, is the continuation and the development of the revolutionary action for which the comrade was captured” – Gerasimos Tsakalos, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire

01.06 we torched electrical measuring and control devices in 2 underground service booths of a water communication system that brings hot water to a military intelligence site in Butovskiy forest. To add to the fact that this infrastructure serves military personnel, more than 800 trees were cut during earthworks for this water supply line to even appear in the forest. To hamper service brigades further, we also spiked the road they use for maintaining the system.

05.06 we torched an excavator at a highway construction site west of Moscow (Volokolamsk direction).

06.06 and 10.06 we expropriated some construction equipment and destroyed geologists’ measurement posts in the glades of Butovskiy forest.

11.06 we broke into yet another underground service booth and put to fire all the digital and analog devices and tools inside.

We dedicate these attacks to Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. We don’t have the honour of personal acquaintance with them, but their dedication to protecting our Planet and conscious choices they’ve made not only to act, but also to stand their ground in the wake of state repressions, inspire us and help us to continue on our path.

For Earth Liberation! For Human Liberation!

ELF-Russia, Informal Anarchist Federation / International Network of Action and Solidarity


If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front

25 May
Heads up for upcoming documentary If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front,  about the controversial environmental group. The film is directed by Academy Award Nominated filmmaker Marshall Curry (RACING DREAMS and STREET FIGHT) and focuses on the evolution of the group and the transformation and radicalization of one of its members, Daniel McGowan.
The documentary will open in New York on June 22nd with a national rollout to follow. Please feel free to post this on your site.
View trailer Here

Green Terror

25 May

An interview with Will Potter, author of “Green is the New Red.”

By Michael May
Published on: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 in Texas Observer

For Will Potter, the subject matter behind Green is the New Red is personal.  While working at the Chicago Tribune, he got a visit from two FBI agents at his apartment. The month before, Potter had been arrested at a protest. He had been passing out flyers in the neighborhood of an insurance executive who did business with Huntington Life Sciences, the infamous animal-testing lab. The FBI agents wanted Potter to help identify and spy on other animal-rights activists—or risk ending up on the domestic terrorism watch list.

Potter didn’t tell the agents what they wanted to know. Instead, he began to investigate heavy-handed law enforcement efforts aimed at environmentalists. While some environmental groups, like the Animal Liberation Front, have done risky and potentially dangerous crimes against property, Potter shows how law enforcement has come after individuals who are guilty of no more than showing support for militant efforts online. And he questions whether the charge of “terrorism” is used too broadly against activists, and shows how it can skew investigations and manipulate public opinion.

For more information and to see video interview of Will Potter, conducted by Michael May click here