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The Earth Liberation Front’s Green Christmas Giving Guide

11 Dec

Earth-friendly gift giving isn’t just about upcycling and purchasing falsely marketed “green” items. There are a number of other things you can do, some of which will potentially  topple the industrial nightmare or get you arrested,  to make your holiday gift giving ever so greener.

by Santa’s Secret ELF

Love, Revenge and 60% off Carbon Neutral Unicorn Farts

Sometimes during the Christmas season it’s all too easy to lose track of what really matters: friends, family, baby Jesus and the basic life support systems of the planet.

Everywhere we look we are confronted with sales on heavy metal laden electronic devices, plastic toys with lead paint from China, posh clothes produced in a slave factory in Burma and other nasty mass-consumables.

Each will likely add to the toxification of the last reserves of fresh water and air that our great-grandchildren will wish we had not fucked up.

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Earth First! Drivers Ed Graphic: 30 Years of Radical Vehicular Blockades

13 Apr

A Sampling of 30 Years of Radical Vehicular Blockades from Australia, the UK and the US. Click the image for the full .pdf

Pew Environmental Study Finds Boreal Forest is ‘Earth’s Water Keeper.’

16 Mar

A map showing the boreal forest stretching from coast to coast across Canada

A U.S.-based conservation group has concluded that the great ribbon of green that stretches across northern Canada is one of the world’s great storehouses of fresh water and influences the environment of the entire planet.


Pew Environment Group researchers, whose study is one of the first attempts to bring together all data on the boreal forest, say even they were amazed at what they found.

“Until we started putting all these pieces of the puzzle together, we didn’t even see the whole picture ourselves as far as water goes,” said spokesman Steve Kallick. “This analysis has been revelatory to us.”

The report concludes more must be done to control resource development, protect wetlands and implement conservation agreements already in place.

“There hasn’t been a policy focus on Canada’s waters, which is kind of a shame,” said Kallick.

The report titled Forest of Blue brings together findings from dozens of published scientific surveys and concludes the boreal forest is “the world’s water keeper.” The Pew analysis calls it the most water-rich region on Earth at a time when countries have ever-growing demands for fresh water.

It has 800,000 square kilometres of surface water and half of the world’s lakes larger than a square kilometre. It holds five of the world’s 50 largest rivers and boasts, in Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories, what’s believed to be the world’s largest remaining unpolluted lake. Fully one-quarter of the globe’s wetlands are in the boreal forest.

All that water has consequences for the entire planet.

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Japan’s Earthquake Altered Earth’s Axis; Moved the Island Closer to U.S.

14 Mar

Last week’s devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan moved the island closer to the United States and shifted the planet’s axis.

The quake caused a rift 15 miles below the sea floor that stretched 186 miles long and 93 miles wide, according to the AP. The areas closest to the epicenter of the quake jumped a full 13 feet closer to the United States, geophysicist Ross Stein at the United States Geological Survey told The New York Times.

The world’s fifth-largest, 8.9 magnitude quake was caused when the Pacific tectonic plate dove under the North American plate, which shifted Eastern Japan towards North America by about 13 feet. The quake also shifted the earth’s axis by 6.5 inches, shortened the day by 1.6 microseconds, and sank Japan downward by about two feet. As Japan’s eastern coastline sunk, the tsunami’s waves rolled in.