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Earth First! Journalist popped at Tar Sands Blockade

18 Oct

Why was that cop bumpin’n’grindin’ with the excavator in front of me?! I know that law and industry work hand-in-hand.. But this is too much.

[Yeah, that’s right. We EF! Journalistas occasionally escape the doldrums of office life and get out to the woods to raise some hell. The following is a first hand account, re-posted from TarSandsBlockade.org]

One Blockader’s Story (Day 25)

by panagioti / Earth First! Newswire

Monday’s early morning hike into the site of the tree blockade allowed me to see the lush and mature forest surrounding the Keystone XL construction first-hand. The abundant slash pine trees and beautyberry shrubs gave me a rush of energy that comes with unexpected sense of familiarity. I couldn’t help but think of the flatwoods of my home in Florida (what they call ‘piney woods’ out here).

So when we got to the massive industrial scar that now cuts through the forest, in preparation for a tar sands pipeline, the impact hit me that much deeper. Obvious wetlands and waterways were clearly trashed, and an absurd security force surrounded the aerial blockade site attempting to starve out the on-site resistance.    Continue reading

East Texas Tar Sands Action Camp Coming Up, Daryl Hannah Approved!?

7 Oct

Tar Sands Action Camp, Oct 12 – 14

D. Hannah faces off with the machine

Join the fight to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline

Actress and activist Daryl Hannah was arrested Yesterday alongside East Texas farmer, Eleanor Fairchild while defending her farm from the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Daryl’s involvement in the Fairchild Farms story brought a lot of attention when the duo peacefully stood in front of TransCanada’s heavy machinery, which was burning piles of once-majestic trees from Eleanor’s beloved farm and delicate wetlands. Eleanor is a feisty 78-year-old great-grandmother who was arrested for “trespassing” on her own land after being inspired by Tar Sands Blockade to take action.

Hannah and Farichild mugshots

Source: ONTD

For a list of other action camps and events, check out the EF! Newswire’s Events page.


Texas Tar Sands Blockade Continues Despite Police Torture

26 Sep

Despite summer being over, things continue to heat up in Texas for the Tar Sands Blockade as we enter day 3 of the tree-sit.  On Monday, 8 people took to the trees to defend the land from clear-cutting that would allow for continued construction of the pipeline.  And yesterday, two ground-dwelling allies locked themselves to a piece of construction machinery that was being used to build a road to the tree village, effectively halting TransCanada’s work for most of the day.

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Get Your Ass Out to Texas and Fight the Tar Sands Pipeline!

24 Sep

[The following is an excerpt from a letter to friends, family and allies written by a scout working with a group of Earth First! folks in the woods of east Texas. They are calling on you to join them ASAP in a full time direct action camp that is growing as you read this. To read the original call to action from this group, and find out how to contact them, click here.]

Greetings. I’m writing to you from the Tar Sands blockade (TSB) in rural east Texas. It’s shaping up to be quite possibly the epic eco-defense battle of our generation. The action is due to start Monday, and so I’ll likely be away from computers for awhile and mobbin’ around the woods for at least a few days. There’s a chance I may be arrested, but it’s unlikely. More likely scenario is that many of us will simply be maintaining phone and online silence during the upcoming showdown.


Not the “No trespassing” sign that Woody Guthrie was talking about.. This one is directed at protecting land in Texas from the Keystone pipeline.

BACKGROUND: TransCanada (TC) is a multi-billion dollar corporation engaged in exploiting the Alberta Tar Sands, the most ecologically destructive project on planet Earth. They are trying to move large amounts of bitumen south through Canada and eight US states using a series of massive pipelines, one of which is called “Keystone”. TC has a history of oil spills across the continent and these pipelines are so massive that there will most certainly be oil spills poisoning watersheds if the pipelines are completed.

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