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Updates to Eco-Prisoner Support pages on the EF! Newswire

26 Jan

[Don’t forget today is Marie Mason’s birthday!]

“At the dawn of industrialism, factories were modeled after prisons; in its twilight, prisons are now modeled after factories.” —Os Cangaceiros

Supporting prisoners from our struggle is one important facet of the Earth First! movement.

The focus of our prisoner support and post-prison support is on eco-prisoners, caged animal liberationists and prisoners of indigenous land struggles, who share an Earth First! biocentric viewpoint, either in the actions which lead to their arrest or in their general activism.

Eco-prisoner List
Post-release Support
Political Prisoners of Allied Struggles
Prisoner Support Resources

It is clearly a new era in the ecological movement. We have never known a time with this many people imprisoned for their involvement in explicitly biocentric struggle. Continue reading

Eco-prisoner Rebecca Rubin moved to Portland

18 Jan

Last week we reported updates on Rebecca Rubin’s case. She has a new address for the the being:

Rebecca Rubin #770288
Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC)
1120 SW Third Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

Marie Mason Birthday Events Being Planned Across the World

12 Jan
manatee by marie mason

Artwork by eco-political prisoner Marie Mason, sent to the Earth First! Journal, 12/30/12

Marie Mason’s 51st birthday is coming up on January 26, 2013. We are asking that folks hold events for Marie around her birthday as part of what will be an annual time to celebrate her life and keep her spirits up while she remains imprisoned.

 We know that the mid-winter holidays are a busy time for everyone, but they are a sad time for the prisoners who remain inside – and everyone wants some cheer on their birthday! So we hope that folks can find time to plan a small event for Marie, such as a letter-writing or birthday party. (If time permits, we recommend that you might want to hold letter writings a week or more earlier so the cards can reach her before the 26th.)
Some people are confused about Marie’s mail situation. It is true that she can only send letters to a pre-approved list of 100 people. However, she can receive letters from anyone and so she will be able to receive all these birthday wishes. (Please be sure that the sender’s first and last name are on the envelope, that letters are all in English – she can receive letters in other languages but will be delayed – and that cards do not have glitter or other things added to them.)

“Never Repentant, Never Forgotten” Il Silvestre 3 Released from Swiss Prison

29 Sep

The website 325.nostate.net posted a translated announcement yesterday, Sept 28, that the last of three Italian eco-anarchist prisoners, Costa Ragusa, was released from prison in Switzerland, Like Billy and Silva, the other two in the Il Silvestre case, the announcement read that they remained “Never repentant – Never forgotten!”

The three had been sentenced for planning an attack against a laboratory of IBM nanotechnology under construction in Zurich.

On Friday, August 24th, 2012, Billy (Luca Bernasconi) sent the following message to supporters, offering some insight on the circumstances surrounding the release:

“Hello to all the comrades,

I left on Sunday, August 19. The judge (was foaming at the mouth!), like Silvia, I am also granted parole having reached two-thirds of the sentence. Finding the warmth of vegan compas, finding sights and words, it’s a pure joy to me.     Continue reading

Video: New documentary about former Eco-Prisoner Jonathan Paul

29 Sep


A short documentary, from the Rescued series, about Jonathan Paul, a former Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist who served 51 months in federal prison for a series of crimes in defense of animals, including the 1997 arson of the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse in Oregon.

Paul talks about his first raids on a vivisection lab, his life “underground” and the investigation that lead to his arrest.

In other animal liberation news, check out this coverage of a pheasant release at a Canby, Oregon game farm claimed by the ALF last week.

Hey Daniel McGowan… Get A Job!

9 Jun

Earlier this year, Daniel McGowan and his support crew put out a call for post-prison support. (That’s right, Daniel will be in a halfway house by the end of the year.) One of the conditions for his release is employment. And the search is still on. With the international eco-anarchist holiday, June 11, around the corner, what better way to celebrate than to pitch in on support for one of the movement’s most outspoken ecoprisoners. Please help to circulate the message below… Continue reading

June 11 Day of Eco-Prisoner Solidarity around the corner

8 Jun

[The video above includes a full recording of the Never Alone roadshow which traveled the US this Spring building support for June 11 organizing. Along with thorough up-to-date information on ecoprisoner support, state repression and security culture, the film also features a bold speech by Jeff “Free” Luers and clips from “Green Listed”, a coming documentary on Eric McDavid’s case.]

About June 11:  Last year was an amazing show of international support for eco-anarchist prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid. And this year’s June 11 seems to be shaping up nicely as well from the looks of the online events listing: over 30 cities have confirmed community events, including Indonesia, Isreal and England. And as we saw last year, many did not confirm their events online, but instead took actions to show their solidarity Continue reading

Happy Beltane! Merry May Day!

1 May

From Oakland to Asia, from Madrid to Moscow people are striking, and celebrating!

Here in South Florida the Earth First! Journalistas are celebrating the completion of the Betane 2012 issue of the Journal! It is out of our hands and will be into yours in the next few weeks.

Here is a sneak preview of two fantastic articles! Keep an eye out for more to come.

My Flaming Arrow to the Heart of the Movement: a Response to the OC “Give EF! a Kick-In-The-Ass”/Anti-Oppression Discussion

We Are The .00018%! Does EF! Carry the Capacity for a Justice Based Approach to Overpopulation?

“All The Way Alive!”

20 Apr

ELF Eco-prisoner speaks about support and her coming release

This block print was made by sadie while in prison, inspired by Coast Salish native art

The following letter from eco-prisoner Joyanna Zacher (“Sadie”) was sent to the Earth First! Journal in response to an effort at renewed correspondence after several years of non-communication, at her request.

Along with desire to share the value and insight she offered us here on the EF! Journal collective, we also decided to post her words and art on the EF! Newswire to encourage you all write letters of support to Sadie, who is on her home stretch from a 7-year prison sentence for ELF actions. On May 1st she will be released to a halfway house. Until then, send letters to:

Joyanna Zacher #36360-086, FCI Dublin, Federal Correctional Institution, 5701 8th Street, Camps Park, Unit F, Dublin, CA 94568


hello. thank you so much for writing. about a year ago i had actually wanted to see a journal again but no longer had an address to write in order to request one, so it was nice to hear from y’all. i haven’t received the brigid issue however and fear it may’ve been rejected as most decent publications tend to be, but i thank you for trying all the same, and who knows? maybe it’ll show up after all. although i have done my time pretty independently i still do feel a responsibility of sorts to stay a part of the movement that so inspired me at one point. i still have 3 years of probation where i have to be careful but i hope to become more involved in certain circles when i am truly free again Continue reading

Start planning early for June 11 ecoprisoner solidarity actions and events

2 Apr

Banner displayed at the Poytechnic university in Athens, Greece, 2011

Information on June 11 events in 2012 and new resources will be coming soon to the June11.org site.

In the meantime, here’s a little recap from last year: On June 11th, 2011 events were held in approximately 30 cities across the globe in solidarity with Marie Mason, Eric McDavid and other long-term anarchist prisoners. Hundreds of people participated in this international event – and Marie and Eric received letters, pictures, love and energy that were poured into making this day a celebration of resistance and an expression of solidarity with our friends and loved ones on the inside.

Amongst solidarity actions around the world included: ATMS in Argentina burned, arson of church construction site in Peru, anti-bank action in Cambridge, UK, Railways sabotaged in Finland, Logging Equipment Sabotaged in Olympia, a series of attacks claimed by ELF Russia and the Informal Anarchist Federation, development building and bank visited in Tacoma, SUV Attacked in Seattle, Banners hung at universities in Greece.

These stories are only a small sampling of what happened on June 11th, 2011. But they are representative of the kind of creativity and energy that we would like to see poured into prisoner support every day of the year. We want June 11th to be a starting point – not an end in itself. We hope that everyone feels re-energized and re-committed to the work that they do, to their communities, and to our friends, lovers and comrades who are being held hostage by the state.”