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Eostar Newsletter 2013 Released!!!

3 Apr


Welcome to the newest EF News!

This PDF contains compiled news events for the first quarter of this year. Earth First! News (EF!N) is a project of the Earth First! Journal, with the intent of making EF! movement media more decentralized and easily accessible by encouraging people to copy and distribute this publication. People who especially could make use of a printed version of EF!N could be prisoners, anti-tec types, and hamsters.  So please copy and distribute widely and freely!

Earth First! News, Eostar 2012, OUT NOW!

12 Apr

Here's what the first page looks like. Click here for the full PDF... Yes, there are some Hunger Games dorks in the EF!J office.

Hey folks! Here is the latest PDF version of the EF! News, Eostar 2012, a publication for all to use freely in tabling and EF! outreach, just in time for spicing up the abundance of boring, liberal Earth Day events on the horizon.

As usual, please let us know if you are helping us circulate this, so we can get a sense of where it is being distributed. Also, for those who want to promote the upcoming Round River Rendezvous in the Marcellus region this Summer, check out this PDF, a basic quarter sheet flyer about the Rondy and the EF! Journal. It might also make a nice addition to your tabling.

If you want to receive more trinkets for tabling, you can contact nettle [at] earthfirstjournal.org

Thanks, and “Make the odds be ever in our favor!”

Against the Capitol, For the Wild,

—Earth First! Journal collective