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Feds Pressure Web Firms for Encryption Keys

27 Jul

keys2by Declan McCullagh / Cnet

The U.S. government has attempted to obtain the master encryption keys that Internet companies use to shield millions of users’ private Web communications from eavesdropping.

These demands for master encryption keys, which have not been disclosed previously, represent a technological escalation in the clandestine methods that the FBI and the National Security Agency employ when conducting electronic surveillance against Internet users.

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UPDATE: The FBI Is Approaching Seattle Climate-Change Activists

18 Jul

from Slog

Earlier this month, Ansel posted about climate-change activists who had supposedly been visited by FBI agents.

That raised the specter of another grand jury circus: raids on the homes of activists, subpoenas, the question of how far the FBI will go to conduct social mapping of local protest networks, and the possibility of more grand-jury refusers winding up in solitary confinement after declining to answer questions about other people’s politics. (If you missed the last go-round, to do with the downtown vandalism on May Day of 2012, see here and here and a big old Google roundup here.)

A few days ago, six activists released a statement to The Stranger confirming that they were approached by FBI agents—two of the three agents left business cards identifying themselves as special agent Matthew Acker and special agent Kera O’Reilly—who, the activists say, asked about opposition to tar sands development and brought photographs, hoping the activists would identify the people in them. (Local anti-tar sands activists staged a protest at the Canadian consulate in early April.)

The statement from the six is below the jump. Jenn Kaplan, one of the attorneys who represented grand-jury refusers mentioned above, has volunteered her services to help with the situation.

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FBI Chases Anti-GMO Activists While Ignoring Monsanto’s Transgressions

25 Jun
Hot on the trail of the bad guys — depending on your definition of “bad.”

Hot on the trail of the bad guys — depending on your definition of “bad.”

by John Upton / Grist.org

Some experimental GMO crops were torn out of a field in Oregon this month. That means it’s time for the federal government to freak the fuck out and do its best to clamp down again on eco-activism.

The sugar beet plants, which were genetically engineered by Syngenta to survive applications of the herbicide Roundup, were uprooted in the middle of the night from a couple of fields, presumably by anti-GMO activists. The destruction of the experimental crops occurred in the same state where a strain of Monsanto’s illegal herbicide-resistant wheat recently showed up in a farmer’s field, threatening America’s multibillion-dollar wheat export market.

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Jerry Koch’s Grand Jury Resistance Statement

22 May

Cross Posted from JerryResists.net


My name is Gerald Koch and I have been subpoenaed to a federal grand jury based in the Southern District of New York regarding the 2008 Times Square Military Recruitment Center bombing. This is my second subpoena concerning this matter; I was also subpoenaed in June of 2009. I refused to testify at that time based on the assertion of my First, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights, as I will be doing again for the duration of this grand jury. During the first grand jury, the government informed my lawyers that it was believed that I was at a bar in 2008 or 2009 where a patron indicated knowledge of who had committed the bombing. When I was first subpoenaed to the grand jury in 2009 I had no recollection of any such incident— a fact that I expressed publically. Now, almost 4 years later, I still do not recall the alleged situation.

Given that I publically made clear that I had no knowledge of this alleged event in 2009, the fact that I am being subpoenaed once again suggests that the FBI does not actually believe that I possess any information about the 2008 bombing, but rather that they are engaged in a ‘fishing expedition’ to gain information concerning my personal beliefs and political associations.

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Eco-prisoners Continue Exposing BOP’s Shady “Communications Management”

7 Mar
CMU imageLast weeks, the EF! Newswire reported on legal challenges filed by Susan Tipograph, an attorney representing imprisoned ELF activist Marie Mason, related to her placement in a “control-management”-type prison unit in Carswell, Texas, because of her status as a political prisoner.
       While the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has continued to maintain that Carswell is not an official Communications Management Unit (CMU), we have learned enough from the BOP to know that they cannot be trusted. And this less-than-sneaky suspicion has only been re-affirmed by the ongoing work of the Center for Constitutional Rights and their client, another well known ecoprisoner, Daniel McGowan, who is currently finishing his sentence at a halfway house in NYC.
       McGowan’s lawyers at Center for Constitutional Rights have released a new flyer about the CMUs that the Bureau of Prisons operates. These are the units Daniel was held in for most of his prison 5.5 year sentence and the subject of a lawsuit (Aref v Holder) brought by Daniel and other former/current CMU prisoners. You can read the text of the flyer here and you can download a PDF of the two page flyer here or by clicking on the image above.  Continue reading

Attorney Claims FBI Violated FOIA in Marie Mason’s Case

4 Mar
green-scareBy Ryan Abbott,
WASHINGTON (CN) – An attorney whose client is serving 22 years for destroying private property claims the FBI denied her FOIA request, to cover up the government’s “Green Scare” program, meant to chill the speech rights of environmental activists.
     New York City attorney Susan Tipograph sued the Department of Justice in Federal Court, seeking records on her client, imprisoned activist Marie Mason.
     “The draconian sentencing of Marie Mason to nearly 22 years in federal prison has undoubtedly chilled the free speech practices of other animal rights and environmental activists,” Tipograph says in the complaint. Continue reading

Earth First! Journal Ruffles the Right Wing

21 Feb

Here at the Earth First! Newswire, we generally strive to steer clear of identifying along the Left/Right political spectrum, but we can’t help make note of some gratifying recent attention from so-called conservatives. (What is it that they are conserving again?)

J. Christian Adams

J. Christian Adams

Back in December 2012, J. Christian Adams of PJ Media highlighted “EAT (IT)”, a tongue-in-cheek contribution to the EF!J’s Beltane 2012 edition, in his articleEarth First Journal Assassination Hit List”

He even included nice large pictures of CEOs and FBI informants from EAT (IT)’s list of suggested prank targets, such as Aubrey McClendon and Brandon Darby. Continue reading