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Fierce Dreams Green Anarchist Gathering in Australia

2 Aug

fierce-dreams-flier1Fierce Dreams is a 3 day gathering that will be occurring from October 18th to 20th 2013 in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. The exact location will be decided closer to the date and published on this site. This event will be an anarchist encampment/autonomous zone aimed at breaking down the barrier civilisation puts between us all. Over the course of the gathering we hope to explore the wilderness around us and the wildness within ourselves. Through organising this event we hope to build stronger connections based on anti-civilisation theory, green anarchist philosophy and the practice of rewilding. As anarchists, we oppose domination and oppression against humans, nonhumans and the earth. We recognise the hierarchical nature and destructiveness inherent in civilised culture and wish to see its permanent end as soon as possible.

Our focus will be on methods to resist control in our everyday lives. We want to reduce our dependency on civ, and discuss possibilities for rewilding, no matter where you choose to live (urban, remote or in between). Together we will talk, weave, play music, gather, make fires, play games and explore ideas relating to a vision of life beyond mass society. We will work to undo the domestication that civilisation has strongly conditioned us to believe as ‘normal’. We aim to forge links between those of us who will not accept the damage inflicted by mass society and the empty promises of technology.

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