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Sunrise Intervention at Gas Industry Convention

25 Sep

It was 7:00 am, the last day of the Marcellus Shale Coalition’s annual convention in Philadelphia, when a group of 40 or so people gathered to meet the gas industry face to face. “We just wanted to see what they had to say for themselves” said one of the protesters. It turned out the industry delegates weren’t so shy for talking after-all.

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The convention was called “Shale Gas Insight” and took place in the fortified Philadelphia Convention Center in downtown Philly. The convention  hosted hundreds of vendors and representatives from just about every company involved in hydraulic fracturing, or “Fracking” as some call it. You can read about the workshop titles here.

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Earth First! Marcellus Regional Gathering (Upstate New York)

6 May

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The agents of capital have declared the colonized region of Upstate New York (stolen Haudenosaunee territory) a sacrificial industrial zone. This is a call out to all eco-warriors, environmentalists, direct action enthusiasts, insurgents, and wild creatures of “upstate New York.” Our enemies, the people and institutions that destroy our lives and the places we love, have backed us into a corner. Its time to strike back in defense of all things still wild! Continue reading