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Earth First! Climbers Guild Camp in NY – 2 weeks away

10 Mar

Out of your houses and into the trees!

photo_ew_02 (1)
March 24 – 30, 2013 in the Finger Lakes National Forest, New York
      Expand your ability to defend your home, your community, and the wild by learning the technical skills involved in creating effective aerial blockades. The EF! Climbers’ Guild will offer the North East a variety of trainings for forest defense and urban actions suitable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.
      To RSVP and get directions contact: efclimbers [at] gmail.com

Earth First! Climbers Guild Camp spring 2013 – March 24-30, New York

23 Jan


photo_ew_02 (1)Expand your ability to defend your home, your community, and the wild by learning the technical skills involved in creating effective aerial blockades. The EF! Climbers’ Guild will offer the North East a variety of trainings for forest defense and urban actions suitable for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.
Workshops include: Basic Climbing and Anchoring, Traverses, Tree to Tree Transfers, Basic Structure Rigging and Haul Systems, Tripods, Bipods, and Monopods, Advanced Structure Rigging, Large Scale Banner Hanging, and Basic Rescue and Training Set Ups.

When: March 24th – 30th

Where: Finger Lakes region of NY

To attend the camp contact: efclimbers@gmail.com

World’s Longest Treesit Campaign, Update from Bilston Glen

7 Jan

Bilston_3Yesterday, people involved in the campaign to save Bilston Glen sent an update stating, “We have new information from the Midlothian Council and it would seem likely that the road is being redirected along a different route, one that does not go through Bilston Glen. We have a map of the alternative route and it makes a lot more sense than any of the plans that we had seen before. We will not know until the spring what plan has been finalized for the road. They are also planning a lot of other development in the area so it is possible that the glen might still be under threat even if the proposed development is not the road.

We should have a lot more information in the spring. They are also considering building a new open cast coal mine somewhere near Rosewell, so depending on what is going on we may be joining in with that campaign as well. Keep in touch and we’ll let everyone know what is going on.”

The tree village is open for visiting and staying. Help is always needed in a variety of ways, from donating funds and supplies to attending Sunday Free Cafes in the glen and participating in the public outreach, education and demonstrations against the development in Midlothian Scotland. Continue reading

Long Walk to Freedom

10 Oct

Day 18 from the East Texas Tar Sands Blockade

I’m laying down in an open field in East Texas, staring upwards and reflecting. Small groups of stars peek out from the increasingly puffy clouds, signaling morning rain. My nostrils fill with slight scents of dandelion, horse mint, pennyroyal and cow shit. The only sound is the wind and an occasional cow. Cars only pass once every fifteen minutes on this narrow two-lane country road. It’s one-thirty in the morning.

My entire body is drenched in sweat, from my hat and camo bandana down my post-apoc-style paint-stained olive drab coveralls and into my jungle boots. I’ve already been hiking thirteen miles this way, with three more to go until I reach the nearest town. Even this is no safe haven since half the cops in five counties now know my face, outfit, and demeanor, but it may provide a pay phone to call my activist family 20 miles away, and/or a 24-hour gas station at which I can hydrate.

I’m kicking myself for deciding to travel light by not carrying water, and chill working spigots are hard to come by since every house on the road seems to have guard dogs of some kind. I’ve been barked at by at least fifty already, but luckily humans are all asleep in this part of the world except a couple of paranoid tweakers in a junkyard who almost spotted me with twitchy high-powered flashlights around mile nine or ten. I’ve found a few spigots and half a bottle of soda by the roadside to keep myself going.

Continue reading

Love and Rebellion in the East Texas Woods

1 Oct

Land cleared in East Texas by TransCanada for Keystone XL construction

I’m writing to ya’ll from a safe space nearby the Tar Sands Blockade in rural east Texas.  Early this week, heeding the call of friends and comrades already on site, we assembled a crew of Earth First!ers from the Northeast US and made the 30+ hour drive to the site to provide crucial reinforcement.  The tree village set up on site is one of the most fantastic things we’ve ever seen, and the emerging pictures on the internet do it no justice. Down below the pods, hideous monsters in the form of massive feller bunchers and dozers fill the air with the heinous sounds of corporate ecocide: mechanical whirs, sawing, and worst of the all the sound of beautiful trees hundreds of years old falling to their death, driving wildlife from their homes.

Yesterday a feller buncher began clearing through a section of the forest, rapidly advancing towards one of the tree sitters. Clearly printed in large letters on the side of the death machine read a warning to stay back at least 500 feet. A roving team on the ground that I was part of began cat-and-mousing the feller buncher, trying to keep our comrade in the tree safe. On the ground two TransCanada workers and one local sheriff operating as an armed mercenary of the corporation oversaw the operations, trying to move through the felled trees to push back our crew from the clear cut site. We continued to advance, determined not only to protect our comrade above in the canopy but to push them back and show them that we are not scared and that we will resist.    Continue reading

Film on: The cycle of Tasmania’s forest destruction

21 Jun

With Markets For Change, The Last Stand, JATAN Japan Tropical Forest Action Network, and The ObserverTree, Huon Valley Environment Centre has released this film that shows the cycle of destruction in Tasmania’s forests, this is still happening today. This footage was recently filmed. See the website here;  And the films here;  And in Japanese for the first time in the Tasmanian forest campaign, an alliance of groups have produced a film with a Japanese voiceover found here

An Invitation from Cascadia

6 Jun

Join us in the woods to learn the skills needed to defend the wild!

Cascadia is a vast area of wilderness that includes Oregon, Washington and stretches north through British Columbia, Canada. The Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Earth First! of Oregon are dedicated to protecting the dense forests of giant trees, cold rushing waters and thriving biodiversity. This summer these Earth warriors were on the road throughout the Cascadia Oregon region to educate communities about the ongoing threat of destruction to our American wilderness. If you missed one of the Cascadia EF! Roadshow tour dates, consider joining forest defenders in the woods for a Earth First! Cascadia Regional Rendezvous!

Following the Earth First! Cascadia Roadshow, organizers are back at their home bases to prepare for the regional Rondy. You are invited to join in the forest defense movement! If you have always wanted to become more involved in wilderness protection and the “no compromise” environmental movement, a national or regional Earth First! Summer Rendezvous is a great place to learn about the ongoing struggle to defend our wild, public lands and the species that call these areas home. An EF! Rendezvous is also a place to expand the movement, strengthen connections, and celebrate the work that is involved in protecting the wild. Continue reading

Coal River Mountain Treesit Updates

6 Aug


8/2/2011: After being a participant for 14 days on the still-active treesit at Coal River Mountain, WV, Becks Kolins descended the tulip poplar and was immediately apprehended. In their own words, Becks writes “I am not doing this because I am giving up but rather because I am taking the fight into jail and into the legal system”
Read the full arrest statement written by Becks Kolins in their own words HERE

Becks Kolins has been released without bail after being charged with trespassing, conspiracy and littering. Becks Kolins has also released a follow-up statement about their arrest and what is still to come with this protest: (Excerpt)

“Thank you all for your support; Catherine Ann and I relished in it while we sat, sometimes very bored, in our trees. Although Catherine Ann is up there by herself right now, she remains very strong, and will love the time this solitude will give her with nature. Please continue supporting Catherine Ann and Ramps as she remains in her tree and we continue to stop work on the Bee Tree Hollow Permit!!!

read the full statement here

Catherine-Ann Macdougal is doing well, according to her own words posted on the RAMPS update page.
“We need to fight boldly for our rights and for those of others. Or they will continue to be stripped away, like the forest from this mountain.”


Cascadia Forest Defenders Action Camp starts next week in Oregon

16 Jul

Forest Action CampActivists are invited to to support direct action in defenseof a beloved, ancient coastal rainforest, the Elliott State Forest. Under the watchful mismanagement of the Oregon Department of Forestry,timber barons are actively razing this rare, 93,000 acre cathedral of previously untouched wilderness. It’s time for friends of Cascadia to take a stand against the dozens of clearcuts on the table for 2011-2012.

Workshops will include: climb trainings, backwoods stealth and evasion, know your rights, and anti-oppression. Campers should be self sufficient with food and water. Town will be an hour drive away from the campsite, though there will be a creek near the site for those with water filters.

The Elliott lies roughly 2 hours Southwest of Eugene. Specific directionsto the site will be posted on forestdefensenow.com the week before camp,or you can contact (530)521-4991 for directions until the 22nd. Please contact forestdefensenow@gmail.com if you would like to share a ride or if you need a ride.

Agent Orange Being Used to Clear the Amazon

7 Jul

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

Agent Orange is one of the most devastating weapons of modern warfare, a chemical which killed or injured an estimated 400,000 people during the Vietnam War — and now it’s being used against the Amazon rainforest. According to officials, ranchers in Brazil have begun spraying the highly toxic herbicide over patches of forest as a covert method to illegally clear foliage, more difficult to detect that chainsaws and tractors. In recent weeks, an aerial survey detected some 440 acres of rainforest that had been sprayed with the compound — poisoning thousands of trees and an untold number of animals, potentially for generations.

Last week, in another part of the Amazon, an investigation conducted by the agency uncovered approximately four tons of the highly toxic herbal pesticides hidden in the forest awaiting dispension. If released, the chemicals could have potentially decimated some 7,500 acres of rainforest, killing all the wildlife that resides there and contaminating groundwater. In this case, the individual responsible was identified and now faces fines nearing $1.3 million.

“They [deforesters] have changed their strategy because, in a short time, more areas of forest can be destroyed with herbicides. Thus, they don’t need to mobilize tree-cutting teams and can therefore bypass the supervision of IBAMA,” says Jerfferson Lobato of IBAMA.

Last month, over three decades after Agent Orange was last used in Vietnam, the US began funding a $38 million decontamination operation there. Meanwhile, in the Brazilian Amazon, the highly toxic chemical was being discovered anew and sprayed over the rainforest.

To read more, see the full write-up at Treehugger