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Fracking News: Bulgarians Protest against Shale Gas Exploration

10 Dec

"Bulgaria without shale gas extraction!" the poster on the left reads. Photo by dariknews.bg

Some 200 people gathered on Saturday  in Bulgaria’s capital Sofia to protest against the potential shale gas exploration in the country.

The march started in front of the Environment Ministry building in Sofia, passed through the parliament and ended in front of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism.

The protesters demanded that the controversial hydraulic fracturing technology should be abolished in Bulgaria and called for legislative control over oil- and gas extraction technologies.

Over 10 000 Bulgarian citizens have signed under the demand for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas extraction and research in the country, Angel Slavchev, one of the protest’s organizers, has told dariknews.bg. According to him, the technology is extremely dangerous and may lead to irreversible consequences.

The protesters have so far not succeeded in their efforts to start a dialogue with the government, Slavchev has claimed.

Over 200 citizens from the Northeastern cities of Dobrich and Varna and the town of Kavarna gathered in Dobrich on Saturday to protest against the shale gas exploration that may take place in their region. They came out with a declaration demanding a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing and calling for the end of all shale gas concessions until a law is passed abolishing the technology.

On Friday, Traicho Traikov, Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism, revealed that the contract with US energy giant Chevron for shale gas exploration and production in Bulgaria, which is still being negotiated, will not be made fully public because there is an element of a trade secret.

He gave assurances, however that talks were underway with the company for making a substantial part of the agreement available to the public.

Traikov explained that the contract would provide for the mandatory submission of a working program for the exploration activities that would be subject to all sorts of administrative checks.

The document would also provide for unlimited liability in the case of environmental damage and the obligation to cover 100% of the cost of eliminating it.

Fracking debate heating up in New Zealand

12 Aug

Heated debate over fracking, the mining process which could be used to extract gas in western Southland, is raging in the gas heartland of Taranaki.

A protest group, Climate Justice Taranaki, has called for a ban or moratorium on the practice, which it believes threatens aquifiers with toxic chemicals.

The issue has become an environmental flashpoint across the globe, but Taranaki is the first New Zealand region where there have been anti-fracking protests.

“What we are seeing, especially in the United States and Australia, is groundwater aquifiers being depleted and poisoned by toxic chemicals,” Climate Justice spokeswoman Emily Bailey said. “The resource companies don’t seem to be telling us what’s going on.”

Fracking is conventionally used to improve the flow of oil and gas wells by injecting a water-chemical mix into a well and subjecting it to high pressure, which forces the rock surrounding the well to crack open, releasing more oil and gas. In Southland, it could be used to extract shale gas from potentially huge deposits recently discovered under the Waiau Basin.

Anti-frackers believe the practice uses toxic chemicals which can permeate underground aquifiers and contaminate water.

The panic over fracking for shale gas was ignited by a provocative film, Gasland by Josh Fox, which claimed to expose the huge environmental damage caused by fracking in parts of the United States.

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