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Dear Invisible Liberation Front, How Can I Destroy Surveillance Cameras?

22 Mar

If you’ve ever pondered the possibility of destroying all those invasive surveillance cameras you see all over watching you around town, well, you are in luck. Below is a pretty decent start to a tutorial gathered from various sources:


3.1) Plastic bag.

Plastic bag filled with glue does the trick nicely.
Cheap and almost as effective as other short term techniques. Use Industrial grade bags which are thicker. Sometimes a camera going into repair will be ‘bagged’ over, so visually its ambiguous. To Bag a camera there’s a high chance that you can reach it with ease. If this is the case don’t hesitate to smash the glass, lens and any other components. Dont bag it afterwards, people need to see the units smashed.
Gives clear indication of inoperability.

3.2) Sticker and tape. Continue reading