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GM Seeds and the Militarization of Food: An Interview with Vandana Shiva

22 Mar

By Jon Letman /Truthout

Vandana Shiva in Hawaii. (Photo: Kai Markell)

Vandana Shiva in Hawaii. (Photo: Kai Markell)


Indian physicist and philosopher, activist and ecofeminist pioneer Vandana Shiva talks with Truthout in Hawaii about GMO, the militarization of agriculture, the politics of occupation and the primacy of biodiversity.

Foot soldiers in the battle against corporate globalization and the privatization of commons like land and water have long been aware of Indian physicist and philosopher Dr. Vandana Shiva. An ecofeminist pioneer, today she is best known as an outspoken opponent of the GMOs (genetically modified organisms) being developed by transnational biotechnology and chemical corporations like Monsanto and Dow.

Shiva disputes the notion that patenting genes and controlling the world’s seeds, and thus much of its food supply, will better serve humanity. Biotech companies claim their genetically engineered (GE) crops are able to withstand threats from insects, disease, and man-made pesticides and herbicides while making a serious contribution to feeding an increasingly hungry world. Continue reading

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It, A Message for the Earth First! Journal

27 Dec

Winter Solstice 2011
Dear Eco-Warrior,

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to see the Mabon issue of the Earth First! Journal. As you read this, Earth First!ers are hard at work plotting against mountaintop removal mining, tar sands infrastructure, GE crops, the logging of old growth forests, militarization, and the pollution of the wild spirit. Here at the Journal we have our hands full, fighting our own fights in the woods and in the courts whilst finishing up the next issue due out in January. It promises to be an extra special edition for your collection of anarcho-redneck/hippy/pagan/eco-feminist literature. The Yule issue will include analysis of Deep Green Resistance, the wolf wars, ocean defense, and the Occupy movement, as well as art, fiction and poetry from the front lines [not to mention a self help guide to monkeywrenching big yellow machines]. It will feature authors such as Jane Anne Morris, Ron Sakolsky, Aric McBay, Strangers in a Tangled Wilderness, and Mark Salvo.

You should be happy to know that the Earth First! Journal is still standing strong, despite, or perhaps because of, the economic crisis. Sure, you may have noticed that our last issue was a month or two late, but, through our battles ignoring the IRS, various debt collectors, and the Joint Terrorism Task Force, we do our part in slowing the earth brutalizing economy. (You know the old motto: If it ain’t broke, break it.) Plus, the new issues are beautiful, you must admit, and beauty takes time. But it also takes you!

We need your support to make it happen. Your financial contribution to the EF! Journal keeps the movement informed and inspired. No serious resistance can be effective without a base of support. For every successful direct action campaign in defense of the Wild, there are countless people whose various contributions make the victories possible—your donation to the EF! Journal is one such contribution.

Thank you for the continued support!

Yours in defense of the wild,
Earth First! Journal Collective

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