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News Roundup 5/20

20 May

Greenpeace UK made BP a new flag. The coolest part is, they’re still taking suggestions for other new BP flags.

The Oil Spill is now leaking between 76,000 and 104,000 barrels per day. That’s a pretty wide range of guessing, but it makes sense considering the authorities have no idea what they’re gonna do about it. The damn oil will be in the Atlantic soon. And Congress thinks BP is using the wrong dispersant. Oh well. Maybe Kevin Costner will save us.

Good video here of a Maine EF!er on trial. He was supposed to be the police liaison.

Also from Maine, they’ve just posted directions to this year’s Rendezvous. There’s also the beginnings of a ride board, but no one’s posted anything yet.

The Sea Lion Defense Brigade has wrapped up their campaign and is claiming success. Congrats to them for keeping a close eye on the State’s insane plan to kill 64 California sea lions this year. They only actually killed 10.

In other pinniped news, the Navy is using sea lions to sniff out bombs. Props to Earth Island Institute for trying at least to tell them what they’re doing is wrong.

And last week RAN locked down at Cargill HQ in Minnesota. The video isn’t very good, and they’re still a bunch of compromisers on board with the FSC. Which by the way, was a good idea gone horribly wrong.

In other big enviro news, big green groups and corporations have reached an agreement to better manage a whole bunch of acres of Canada’s Boreal forest. Seems to reek of compromise. We’ll see if logging up there is slowed significantly, or if the forest will continue to disappear.

Climate Ground Zero is still busy, speaking out at a public hearing on what could be the largest mine in WV history. Two of their road blockaders still need our help to get their bail reduced.

ScienceDaily uses the Asian shore crab to make the dangerous point that maybe invasive species aren’t all bad.

And scientists at the Craig Venter Institute have created the first synthetic living cell. Next up: synthetic meat, coming to fast food joint near you.

News Roundup 5/10

10 May

Containment Boom to defend Breton National Wildlife Refuge

NOAA maps admit that oil from Deepwater Horizon is accumulating onshore. Greenpeace found some at a place called Port Eads.

Here is a 9-day-old video offering a crisp, clean, universally comprehensible explanation of the spill. Keep in mind that by now the first “solution”, the robotic sub, didn’t really work. The second solution, the big dome, just recently failed, so now they’re planning a little “top hat” dome. Also, the stats have changed: 210,000 gallons per day are now gushing into the ocean, for a total of 3.5 million gallons so far. BP has now received federal approval to continuously pump chemical dispersants underwater, the ecological effects of which are completely unknown. Everyone seems clueless about what to do, with the next options including artificial islands, cutting the riser pipe (scary, because even more oil could then leak out), releasing water from the Louisiana levees, or a “junk shot”:

“The next tactic will be a junk shot,” Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen told “Face the Nation” anchor Bob Schiffer on Sunday. “They’ll take a bunch of debris, shredded up tires, golf balls and things like that and under very high pressure shoot it into the preventer itself and see if they can clog it up and stop the leak.”

Here’s the site for the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command, the network of state, corporate and federal agencies responsible for the spill.

The BBC has an interactive graphics page on the spill as well as some video of the cleanup efforts. They also say it’s far from the biggest spill ever. Just wait a few weeks.

Also from the BBC, Neanderthal genes have been confirmed to exist in modern Homo Sapiens. Dave Foreman postulated on this 20 years ago in his book Confessions of an Eco-Warrior.

Russia’s largest underground coal mine has exploded. About 60 people are still trapped inside.

Greenpeace reports that European motorists are using tar sands oil without knowing where it came from.

On May 15th, give your stuff away. Mike Morone is talking about free boxes on a massive scale. It’s something we all should be doing anyway, and maybe this day will help spread awareness.

In case you haven’t seen Kanellos yet, check it out. This dog gets around.

Check out EF! on YouTube! The slide show and puppet show from the Earth First! Roadshow are now online. Props to Diablo EF! for their cathartic car-smashing videos. And in case anyone was wondering, Earth First! is alive and well. We are adding a VIDEOS page to the newswire so everyone can easily watch this stuff.