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GM Salmon Would Wreak Havoc on Natural Ecosystems, Say Researchers

29 May
The genetically modified fish can breed with trout and take over

A genetically modified salmon next to a much smaller non-genetically modified salmon of the same age. (AquaBounty Technologies , The Canadian Press)

by Jacob Chamberlain / CommonDreams

Genetically modified (GM) salmon could have a catastrophic impact on natural ecosystems if they are introduced into the wild, a team of scientists warned this week.

The study, published Tuesday and conducted by scientists from Newfoundland’s Memorial University, shows for the first time that GM salmon would quickly become an invasive species if they bred with similar species such as the brown trout—a likely crossbreed that would wreak havoc for other fish.

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Report from Shady Global Trade Talks in Singapore

16 Mar

And a call to build resistance against the TPP

Kiwis in New Zealand have been at the forefront of anti-TPP organizing, thus far.

Kiwis in New Zealand have been at the forefront of anti-TPP organizing, thus far.

Members and partners of Trans Pacific Partnership (known as TPP or TPPA) held the 16th-round of talks in Singapore last week.  As usual, the talks were shrouded in secrecy. Hundreds of trade delegates and policy makers from 11 countries, including the US, met to negotiate expanding profit-driven industrial commerce, including special agendas to smooth trade flows between member countries in the grouping.

Japanese farmers at Anti-TPP in 2012

Farmers stage a protest march during an anti-TPP rally in Tokyo, April 25, 2012. Similar rallies were held last week.

While we heard reports of farmers in Japan protesting, solidarity rallies of labor and environmental activists and a bunch of petitions sent to congresspeople, responses to the TPP negotiations thus far have been far too calm and comfortable. But it doesn’t have to stay that way…

The following article (which will be printed in the coming Earth First! Journal) is a call for renewed resistance to the expansion of corporate globalization: Continue reading