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Earth First! Pesters Pickle Patriarch

6 Jun

by Deep Water Earth First!

swansondoor - CopyDonald Swanson, pickle-patriarch of Ravenna MI, owner and decision maker of Swanson Trust, has unfortunately signed a lease with Rosetta Resources to allow a fracking well on his land.  While it’s obvious that he is a lover of all things brined, fracking fluid isn’t the type of brine anyone should be allowing on the land.  This lease is the first of its type in Muskegon County, MI.

Yesterday evening members of Deep Water Earth First! and other community members paid Swanson a small visit at his home at 12852 Harrisburg Rd, Ravenna MI.  The goal of the evening was to give Mr. Swanson a chance to sign a contract terminating his lease with Rosetta and to be welcomed back into the community.  The contract stated, in part, “For the wellness and safety of the community of Ravenna, and the residents of the unconfined aquifer that will be penetrated by Rosetta’s rig, I (decision maker of the Swanson Trust) hereby agree to terminate the Swanson Trust Lease Agreement with Rosetta Resources Michigan Limited Partnership…I will take into consideration the well-being of my children, the community, the wildlife, ecosystems, agricultural economy and future generations as I move forward resisting this well, and protecting the land.”

When it became clear that Swanson was unavailable, the contract was taped to his door, and a feather pen was left for his signing pleasure. Continue reading

Protestors at Michigan’s Fracking Auction

8 May


LANSING – An auction of state-owned oil and gas rights on 109,000 acres across lower Michigan, including Oakland County, was briefly disrupted this morning by anti-drilling demonstrators.

One protester, who stood up as bids were being taken and began to talk over the auctioneer, was taken into custody for disturbing the peace.

A group of 50-100 protesters picketed outside the state building where the auction was being held, many of them from Barry County, where much of the acreage being offered today is located. The focus of much of their opposition is to a drilling technique called hydraulic fracturing, which leads to contamination of water resources.

After the auction got under way, a group of demonstrators circled the building to an area outside of the auction room and began to chant and pound on makeshift drums and windows. After about 30 minutes, state and city police moved them to a sidewalk about 40 feet from the building.

Inside, several other demonstrators were escorted from the room after standing up and loudly objecting to the proceedings. One person was led away by conservation officers as she shouted, “We need to ban fracking!”

Several other anti-drilling activists registered to bid in the auction, and said they hoped to be able to purchase some of the leases and prevent development.

First Step Towards Fracking in Michigan, DNR Auctions Rights to 109,000 Acres

4 May

Hydraulic Fracturing Comes to Michigan – Auction May 8, 2012

On May 8, 2012, the Michigan DNR will auction mineral and oil rights to 109,000 acres of Michigan public land. This opens public lands to
oil and gas drilling and the highly toxic, water-intensive practice of hydraulic fracturing, and other extractive industries.

The May 8 State of Michigan Oil and Gas Lease Auction includes state land from 23 counties with Oakland, Barry, Gladwin, counties and the UP among the biggest losers of public land and health.

Here is the Maps of all auction Parcels:

Here is the Auction Notice: http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/PropPubNotice_379340_7.pdf

Get Involved:

Please call the Oil and Gas Lease Management Unit of the DNR at 517-373-7663 to express your concerns.

May 8 Lansing Protest

The May 8 auction will open for bidder registration at 8:00am with the auction beginning at 9:00am at Constitution Hall, 525 West Allegan, Lansing. At 7:30am many concerned Michigan residents are meeting in front of Constitutional Hall, to protest this auction.

If you are interested in this outdoor protest please call Maryann at 269-267-3278

If you are interested in making your voice heard directly in classic EF! style please call Elizabeth at 248-462-0906

If you are interested in purchasing the mineral rights in order to keep your community unpolluted please call Kathy at 248-790-6278

If you want to get involved and live in Northern and Eastern Michigan please call LuAnn at 231-547-2828

More Information

In Barry County alone, the DNR is offering 211 numbered parcels totaling over 23,400 acres, with an average size of 111 acres per offering. With a typical oil and/or gas well requiring 40 acres, the Yankee Springs Recreation area could potentially become home to hundreds of wells, and with horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, this means deep, multi-directional drilling and the injection of toxic chemicals under area wetlands, streams, lakes, and recreational land.

The DNR is offering large parcels of land in Thornapple and Irving Townships directly north and west of Middleville, as well as most of Yankee Springs and some portions of Orangeville and Rutledge Townships. Bodies of water contained in these parcels include the eastern shores of Barlow and Gun Lakes as well as all surrounding land and waters of Shaw Lake, Bassett Lake, Baker Lake, Chief Noonday Lake, Payne Lake, Williams and McDonald Lakes, Long Lake, Hall Lake, Turner Lake, Deep Lake, Otis Lake, and all connecting waterways, recreational trails, and land.

Check www.BanMichiganFracking.org for updates

Environmental, Public Health, and Water Hazards Involved with Oil / Gas Drilling and Hydro-Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing:

  • Drinking Water Contamination (Methane migrating into water supplies)
  • Site Contamination (Toxic drilling muds buried in on-site pits)
  • Excessive Water Withdrawals (Wells use hundreds of thousands to millions of gallons of water per day, harvested from on-site water wells drilled alongside oil/gas wells.)
  • Poisonous Gases (Sour Gas wells emit and sometimes leak poisonous Hydrogen Sulfide.)
  • Earthquakes (Such as those caused in Ohio, due to deep injection wells where toxic fracking fluids are injected because these toxic chemicals cannot be disposed of above ground.)
  • The potential for toxic fracking fluids (known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and chemicals that cause neurological damage) to leak during on-site mixing and operations, and/or from deep injection wells used to bury these toxins.

Union of Ontario Indians protest plans to ship radioactive waste over Great Lakes

25 Mar

By Eartha Jane Melzer

The Union of Ontario Indians will battle a plan to ship 1,600 tons of radioactive waste from the Bruce nuclear power complex to Sweden via the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway, the group announced this week.

UOI, a political advocacy organization that represents 39 First Nation communities in Ontario, said that the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Bruce Power Corporation failed to properly consult with First Nation communities before approving the plant to ship 16 contaminated steam generators from the Bruce Power complex in Kincardine.

“[M]ost of the Chiefs and Councils who are signatories to treaties all along the Great Lakes were never consulted,“ Southwest Regional Anishinabek Nation Chief Chris Plain said in a statement. “The duty to consult and accommodate must be done with the rights holders and we were never consulted.”

“We will do everything in our power to prevent the Ontario and Federal governments and the nuclear power industry from using our precious waterways as a garbage disposal route,” Anishinabek Nation Grand Council Chief Patrick Madahbee said. “It is contrary to Supreme Court decisions, our aboriginal and treaty rights, the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the laws of Nature.”

Mayors from more than 70 communities along the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway have warned that the proposed shipment has not received adequate environmental review and threatens the water supply for millions people.

The ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan shows that accidents can result in radioactive contamination of water supplies.This week officials in Tokyo warned residents not to let infants drink the tap water because it contains elevated levels of radioactive iodine.

U.S. Dept. of Transportation approval is required for the Bruce shipment to pass through U.S. waters.