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EPA Refuses to Finalize Study Blaming Water Pollution on Fracking

22 Jun

The article below reports on the EPA’s refusal to publish data on the health effects of fracking in the United States. This is nothing more than a political move from corrupt informants–the stunning number of independent studies which nearly all agree on the countless negative effects of fracking make the EPA’s irrelevance clear. We can’t trust our political system to do anything for us; we have to put our participation and support into grassroots and community-centered movements who can delegitimize and dismantle all systems of ecological destruction. – Earth First! Newswire

Photo by J.B.Pribanic for PublicHerald.org.

Photo by J.B.Pribanic for PublicHerald.org.

from RT

The US Environmental Protection Agency has dropped its plans to further investigate whether or not fracking led to the contamination of a Wyoming aquifer, and the agency no longer plans to write a report on the matter.

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