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The Ecocidal Side of Florida Gulf Coast University, March Madness Sweetheart

29 Mar

The university trampled over Florida panther habitat at the behest of a Big Ag benefactor. Cinderella who?


by Tim Murphy /Mother Jones

The Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles, the first 15-seed ever to reach the NCAA basketball tournament’s second weekend, are the toast of March Madness on the basis of their high-flying style (nickname: “Dunk City“) and up-from-nowhere story. Less than two decades ago, FGCU was little more than a collection of trailers looking out over a swamp. Today its hoops team is hanging with the heavyweights.

The less inspiring story, however, is how FGCU rose up out of the swamp. To put it bluntly: The school paved over it, using government connections to pressure the US Fish and Wildlife Service into green-lighting the development and in the process wiping out one of the last vital habitat areas of the severely endangered Florida panther. FGCU’s is a particularly extreme version of a familiar story. For a century, South Florida developers have stared down all comers—and methodically reshaped the environment in the process. Continue reading

Obama Vows to Increase Oil Production in US: Drill Baby Drill

14 May

by the Earth First! Journal Collective

Heads up Gulf coasters and Alaskans, Obama wants more of what is killing you and the ecosystems that would sustain you.

In his weekly radio address this week, President Obama announced he will set into motions steps to  “increase safe and responsible oil production here at home.”

Obama admitted that U.S. oil production last year was at its highest level since 2003 and said: “I believe we should expand oil production in America…”

This is how he says he’ll do it:

-Directing the Department of the Interior to conduct annual lease sales in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve.

-Creating a new interagency group to streamline Alaska drilling permits. [ed. note, streamline usually means cutting oversight]

-Expediting evaluations of oil and gas in the mid- and south-Atlantic.

-Extending leases in Gulf of Mexico areas affected by last year’s temporary moratorium after the BP oil spill. [well, most everything in that part of the Gulf is already dead right?]

Despite the millions of gallons of “revenue” and “production” lost from the BP disaster (or perhaps because of the lack of oversight that led to the spill in the first place), US oil production actually increased from 4.95 million barrels per day in 2008 to 5.36 million in 2009 and 5.5 million in 2010.