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Fracking, Climate Change Stressing U.S. Energy Infrastructure

13 Jul

from Root Force

Power lines downed by Hurricane Sandy (Photo: Arlington County/cc/flickr)

Power lines downed by Hurricane Sandy (Photo: Arlington County/cc/flickr)

The combination of fracking and global warming-driven drought is placing an increasing strain on U.S. energy infrastructure, which depends on water for cooling power plants, the Department of Energy has warned. And that’s not all.

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Remember Tanner Long! Sentenced for Frack Site Sabotage in PA

29 May
Tanner J. Long of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Tanner J. Long of Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

from the Earth First! Newswire

[ED. Note: We are re-posting this story as a reminder of the every-day heroes unknowingly in your midst… And as a reminder that it may be your last chance to write Tanner a letter before he is released next month.]


As far as we can tell, there’s been no clear reason expressed about why he did it. But does there really need to be? Anyone who risks their freedom to attack a fracking site in the Marcellus Shale, and in one evening succeeds at delaying operations for three months, is a hero to all who drink water and hate energy corporations.

Tanner Long, 21, from the Trout Run area of Lycoming County, PA, allegedly admitted to an ambitious act of vandalism on August 30, 2012, and was sentenced in late-January to six months of prison (in a “county pre-release center”) and five years probation.

The story was not heavily reported outside the local area, but you can check out a short news clip here, which includes heart warming images of overturned bulldozers at a trashed fracking site on public land. You can also send him a letter here for the time being:

Tanner J. Long #3625
Lycoming County Pre Release Center
546 County Farms Rd.
Montoursville, PA 17754

What we know of the story: In September 2012, a $10,000 reward was offered by Brubacher Energy Services for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever vandalized construction equipment in Loyalsock State Forest.  Continue reading

Canaries in the Mineshaft – Miner Strikes Worldwide, Art, and the Environment

11 Sep

Punk art surrealist Winston Smith, who named him­self after the indelible pro­tag­o­nist of Orwell’s 1984, was once quoted (referring to a popular idiom), “You could say that artists are the canaries in the mineshaft. We see things before others do. We set off alarms and alert those who are distracted by other things. It’s not that we’re more sensitive or more aware…it’s just our job.” This is an allusion to the age-old practice of mining workers carrying caged canaries down into the tunnels with them. If dangerous gases such as methane or carbon monoxide leaked into the mine-shaft, the gases killed the canary before killing the miners.

Winston Smith Collage

Exemplifying Smith’s assertion of artist-as-indicator-species, this week Yoko Ono launched Artists Against Fracking, with a focus on New York hydraulic fracturing. Yesterday, just days after premiering his new video We Want Peace — Reloaded,” former child soldier, peace activist, and hip-hop artist Emmanuel Jal was reportedly beat unconscious by South Sudanese police. Currently on exhibition in London, Art of Change: New Directions from China reveals how the best contemporary art moves beyond the particular to comment on universal experience. The current imprisonment of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot has sparked outrage and protests in solidarity worldwide.

Real miners endure a more wretched fate than the metaphorical ones referenced here, meeting with shattered health, physical brutality, and even murder for corporate profit, which ultimately are also recognized as an assault to the natural world as well.

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Learn Skills to Defend The Land

8 Sep

Action Camp Flyer

Croatan Earth First! is hosting a direct action training camp this fall Oct 20-21st at a local veggie farm near Pittsboro, NC. There will be tent camping available for the weekend, and people are free to come and go.  Plan to stay until Monday morning!  This camp will provide us with the opportunity to teach others skills that, we hope, will enhance their ability stop fracking from operating in our bioregion and to bring new energy into any environmental campaign you’d like to work on. Continue reading

Anti-fracking Blockade in Moshannon State Forest

8 Jul

Tree-Sitters Halt Hydrofracking Operations

Blockade at EQT frack site in Moshannon State Forest, PA.

Activists from Marcellus Earth First! have erected a slash pile blockade and two tree sits blocking an access road to an EQT hydro-fracking site in Moshannon State Forest in Clearfield County, PA., halting drilling operations set to begin this week. The blockaders were joined by 40 supporters and concerned citizens, who turned around a Halliburton truck. The blockade is trying to stop the further destruction of Pennsylvania’s state forests—more than half of which have already been leased for drilling—and call attention to the devastating effects of hydrofracking on the state’s communities Continue reading

A Free State against Fracking?

8 Jun

Campfire raging at the occupied Riverdale mobile home park

Consider yourself invited to join the eviction resistance at Pennsylvania fracking site

A week into the resident-led occupation of a mobile home park in Jersey Shore, PA, the following message has been circulated by the fine folks with Occupy Well Street. Basically, it’s on…

Save Riverdale: Urgent Call for Support

“I was here to protect my home.  Within a week I realized why the hell would I protect a house with water I can’t drink.  It’s still about the house, but it’s more about this land and that water. As long as you’re willing to stand, stay here, and bring more: this isn’t over yet” –Riverdale Resident

For 7 days, Riverdale Mobile Home Community and our group of volunteers have impeded the construction of a water withdrawal site on the Susquehanna River Continue reading

Occupy Well Street [OWS Stands in Solidarity Fighting Extraction]

17 May

New York, NY- May 12-

Occupy Wall Street  partnered with Occupy Well Street, a regional, direct action oriented anti-fracking group, and other city and regional environmental groups to voice resistance to the Spectra Energy Natural Gas Pipeline and the issues associated with hydraulic fracturing. A broad coalition of groups were present, including New York’s Sane Energy Project, Reverend Billy, OWS’s Environmental Solidarity Group, Times Up, Eco-Buddies, and Earth First!. Colorful and joyful, many protesters arrived in a costumed bike brigade and participated in some clown trainings on Pier 54, the proposed entry point for the pipeline. Some of the groups present say they were acting in solidarity with a day of action called for May 19th by Occupy Well Street.

There was unity in the broad coalition in the message that those opposed to the Spectra Pipeline will not compromise in protecting the safety of their communities and will pursue a variety of strategies to see this project ended. “The Spectra Pipeline isn’t being built in a vacuum,” said a protestor affiliated with Occupy Well Street. “There is a natural gas boom in our region right now that’s threatening our rivers, our homes and the eco-systems that we rely on. We stand in solidarity with all the groups resisting fracking and the transportation infrastructure that will allow the natural gas industry to expand.”

The Spectra Pipeline is a 16 mile natural gas pipeline that will run through Jersey City, Hoboken, and Bayonne under the Hudson River to New York City’s West Village. Spectra Energy claims that it will provide necessary natural gas for New York City and surrounding areas. Activist groups opposed to the pipeline claim that inadequate safety standards, a history of accidents and the fact that the gas will be provided by hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale are unacceptable risks for the highly populated areas the pipeline will pass through. There have been numerous protests at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) hearings throughout the environmental review process.  Continue reading

Fracking: ACT 13, The Worst Is Coming

12 Mar

Article by Steven Rosenfeld, from Alternet.org

Pennsylvania, where the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed and where the U.S. coal, oil and nuclear industries began, has adopted what may be the most anti-democratic, anti-environmental law in the country, giving gas companies the right to drill anywhere, overturn local zoning laws, seize private property and muzzle physicians from disclosing specific health impacts from drilling fluids on patients.

The draconian new law, known as Act 13, revises the state’s oil and gas statutes, to allow oil companies to drill for natural gas using the controversial process known as hydraulic fracturing or fracking, where large volumes of water and toxic chemicals are pumped into vertical wells with lateral bores to shatter the rock and release the hydrocarbons. The law strips rights from communities and individuals while imposing new statewide drilling rules. Continue reading

Van Eck Launches ‘Fracking’ Energy Exchange Traded Fund

16 Feb

hydraulic fracturing Van Eck Global, a New York-based money management firm with $35 million in assets from dirty energy, today launched an energy Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) focused on companies that look for and produce “unconventional” sources of oil and gas, such as oil sands. The New York Stock Exchange name chosen for this “Market Vectors Unconventional Oil and Gas ETF” is “NYSEArca: FRAK”.

Van Eck defined unconventional oil and natural gas as oil shales, tight sand, coal-bed methane and shale gas, among other sources. It said such resources may be geographically extensive or deeply embedded in underground rock formations and can be difficult to extract without the “use of developing technologies.”

The “developing technologies” include hydraulic fracturing—often referred to as “fracking”—as well as horizontal drilling.  Hydrofracking for gas injects toxic laden fresh water and sand at extremely high
pressure into rock layers to shatter the stone and release the gas. In over 30 states, hydrofracking has generated immense environmental problems, including contaminated drinking water, toxic waste ponds, drilling fluid leaks, and flammable tap water.

Shawn Reynolds is a senior analyst with Van Eck Global Hard Assets Fund. “It doesn’t stop with natural gas,” said Reynolds. “That is really where a lot of the excitement is—in using some of those technologies to unlock new oil plays.” What a sick fuck.

Indeed, according to Reynolds, in 2005, oil production in the United States was about 7.3 million barrels a day, and in 2011 averaged about 8.3 million barrels.

Fund Details

The new fund tracks a proprietary Van Eck index of the same name, and will normally invest at least 80 percent of its assets in companies primarily engaged in a variety of activities related to the exploration, development, extraction, production and/or refining of unconventional oil and natural gas, the company said in a recent regulatory filing.

Van Eck’s Senior Management includes Jan F. van Eck, CEO. He is a heavy campaign financer to Randy Altschuler, Republican for Congress, whose platform includes expansion of domestic offshore drilling.

Van Eck headquarters are located at:

335 Madison Avenue, 19th Floor
New York, NY 10017

“Don’t Frack with Cackalack!” Three Croatan Earth First!ers arrested

16 Jun

Exercpt from a June 15, 2011 press release by Croatan Earth First!:

Raleigh, NC – On Tuesday night, over twenty-five people showed their opposition to hydraulic fracturing and offshore drilling in North Carolina outside of the legislative building before heading inside for the final vote on SB 709 in the House of Representatives, leading to three arrests.

The third vote on SB709, also dubbed the “Energy Jobs Act”, was met with resistance before the session convened with a call-in day to legislators and a demonstration outside.  Signs read, “Don’t Frack with Cackalack!”, “Don’t Frack With My Water!”, “No Offshore Drilling in NC!”, and “Expect Resistance!”  The demonstrations consisted of people from Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro, and Raleigh who called on the legislators to vote against SB 709, in favor of a healthy future for North Carolinians.

Upon moving inside, the quiet and respectful demonstration was swarmed by security agents as the wait began for SB 709 to be called.  At least one representative switched his vote to be against the bill before it was called, which was met with applause.  Once SB 709 was brought to the floor, two people unfurled a banner reading “Third times a charm! No to Fracking!” leading to their arrest.  A third person was also arrested for proclaiming dislike of the destruction of the fine state of North Carolina.  The arrestees, who live in counties that contain shale deposits that could be fracked, are all facing misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges. 

The third reading of SB 709 resulted in 68 ayes and 49 noes.  At this point the bill goes back to the senate for a reading, and then it is in the governor’s hands.  We call on Governor Perdue to protect the future of North Carolina by vetoing SB 709.

“It is alarming that the General Assembly is so readily allowing corporation’s interests to harm the citizens, water, air, and land of North Carolina. Is this really what the General Assembly wants for its constituents?”  —Heidi Grenmier, Durham County, Croatan Earth First!

“To Representatives Avila, Boles, Burr, Crawford, Dollar, Howard, McCormick, Murry, and Stam, all who represent areas with fracking potential and despicably voted in favor of SB709, know that we will hold you personally responsible when our tap water turns brown and explosive, our children and wives are sick, and our crops are toxic.  We’ve seen what’s been happening in Pennsylvania, Montana, and Colorado. We don’t want it here.” – Adam Nash, Orange County

This is merely the beginning of the fight against hydraulic fracturing and offshore drilling in North Carolina.  Community groups, including Croatan Earth First!, will be holding regular events and demonstrations against hydraulic fracturing throughout the region. 

Get in touch: croatanearthfirst@gmail.com