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Seminole Tribe Wins Legal Challenge Against Power Plant in Panther Habitat

13 Jun

from Earth First! Newswire

A night time view from the recently-built FPL gas plant in Loxahatchee, which the Hendry “Clean Energy Center” proposal has been compared to by the company, explaining how “low profile” it will be.

As you might guess, we are happy-as-hell to see yesterday’s victory for the modern Seminole resistance, especially at the expense of FPL, one of the largest energy companies in the US—and practically in the backyard of the Earth First! Journal office no less! 

We realize that the fight against FPL’s Hendry County plant is not yet over. The community of the Big Cypress Reservation and the wild heart of Florida Panther habitat is not yet safe from FPL’s plan, but we see this as a clear step in that direction.

In years past, much of what surfaced publicly about Seminole organizing and activism came primarily out of the Independent Traditional Seminole Nation. It seems that the current council of the state-recognized Seminole Tribe of Florida has taken a bold step in confronting such a massive entity of greed and corruption as FPL (now calling themselves NextEra, after taking a PR-asswhoopin’ in the past decade.)

If you thought Earth First! could really piss off the US Empire, check out the early days of Seminole resistance to honky expansionism. The story mentioned above is a bit lopsided in favor of the establishment, but give it a read, you’ll get the idea…

In the mid-1800s, Seminoles in resistance launched some of the most successful guerrilla attacks on the then-budding US empire, resulting in “negotiations” that arguably left millions of acres in Florida as unceded territory.

“It was the only confrontation prior to Vietnam that the US did not definitively win. As with Vietnam, the conflict failed to garner popular support. Even the leading US officers came to believe that the country was in the wrong, the enemy in the right.” [Source: JohnHorse.com]

Although reservations were eventually designated around this undefeated nation, the inspiration of their rebellion has continued on for many of us fighting to defend the swamplands today. Continue reading