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Surprise, Surprise: Mexico Resurrecting La Parota Plans

18 Jun

CECOPby Root Force

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than a year after the government of the Mexican state of Guerrero made it clear that it would not approve any plans for La Parota dam, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) has included the dam in its most recent report on its upcoming plans. The commission hopes to begin construction within the current six-year presidential term.

Maybe that’s why the government has started trying to introduce paramilitaries into the resisting communities.

Of course, the communities that would be flooded out by this dam (designed to provide electricity to the port of Acapulco and, eventually, hundreds of miles north into the southwest United States) have maintained a solid, no-compromise resistance and remain organized. And all the government’s attempts to expropriate their land have, thus far, been declared illegal and invalid.

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Decade Long Fight Against Dam Victorious!

23 Aug

With the signing of the Cacahuatepec Agreement, the Papagayo River will remain wild and undammed.

From Root Force

La Parota Dam has been definitively canceled.

The government of Guerrero has formally abandoned all plans for the dam and will inform the Mexican federal government that it will not approve its construction.

After nearly 10 years of struggle, campesinos fighting to defend their way of life from La Parota Dam won a definitive victory with the Aug. 16 signing of the “Cacahuatepec Agreement,” signed between Guerrero Governor Ángel Aguirre and the Council of Ejidos and Communities in Opposition to La Parota Dam (CECOP), the primary organization opposing the dam. Continue reading