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Rural Rebels and Useless Airports [part 2]

1 Feb

by laronceblog (see part 1)



This update should have been posted weeks ago. But the turn of events meant that we had little time to sit, write and reflect. Words may well be weapons, but in the heat of struggle bodies speak louder than words.

Saturday, November 17th – Day of Reoccupation.

A yellow forklift truck leads the way; walking close behind is a block of Zadists carrying a fortified banner declaring: No to the airport and its world.  Behind them 20 tractors pull huge agricultural trailers filled with building materials: piles of pallets, straw bales, tyres, doors, windows, prefabricated wooden walls, hundreds of planks, corrugated iron roofing, tools – pretty much anything you can think of, including kitchen sinks. Continue reading

French police fire tear gas on second day of airport protest

27 Nov

crossposted from RT.com

French anti-riot police officers walk through smoke from tear gas, on November 24, 2012 in Notre-Dame-des-Landes as they seek to evict squatters from protected swampland where Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault wants to build a new airport (AFP Photo / Jean-Sebastuen Evrard)

[Read about last month’s epic eviction attempt of La ZAD here on the EF! Newswire]

Eight people were arrested and three injured after protesters clashed with police in western France, as authorities tried to evict protesters camping on a future airport site located on protected swampland in Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

Officers fired tear gas, and protesters retaliated with gas bombs and stones. The activists claim that the future airport will destroy woodland in the area and cause pollution.

On Friday, French police fired tear gas in hopes of dispersing the demonstrators, while protesters responded by hurling bottles, stones and firecrackers, slightly injuring a police officer and two television journalists. Police deployed two backhoes and a large waste receptacle while attempting to clear the site.

Rallies were also held in Paris and Nantes in support of the airport protesters, and several dozen demonstrators were arrested in the French capital.

French riot police face protesters on November 24, 2012 as they seek to evict squatters from protected swampland where Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault wants to build a new airport (AFP Photo / Jean-Sebastuen Evrard)

The airport is planned to be built near the city of Nantes in western France by 2017 to replace the area’s existing airport. The project has the backing of Socialist Party Prime Minister Ayrault, who was the mayor of Nantes from 1989 until this year.

France’s Green Party and several other politicians opposed the construction of the airport over environmental concerns.  Continue reading

Rural Rebels and Useless Airports: La ZAD – Europe’s Largest Postcapitalist Land Occupation

17 Nov


October 2012, Notre dames des Landes, France.

Chris leans forward, her long fingers play with the dial of the car radio “I’m trying to find 107.7 FM“ … a burst of Classical music, a fragment of cheesy pop. “ Ah! Here we go! I think I’ve got it?”  The plastic pitch of a corporate jingle pierces the speakers: “Radio Vinci Autoroute: This is the weather forecast for the west central region…happy driving to you all. Traffic info next.” Chris smiles.

The narrow winding road is lined with thick hedgerows. Out of the darkness the ghostly outline of an owl cuts across our headlights. We dip down into a wooded valley, the radio signal starts to splinter. The well-spoken female voice fractures into static, words tune in and out and then another kind of sound weaves itself into the airwaves. We rise out of the wood onto a plateau, the rogue signal gets clearer, for a while two disturbingly different voices scramble together – the slick manicured predictable sounds of Radio Vinci wrestles with something much more alive, something rawer – a fleshier frequency.

 “ The cops have left the Zone for the night…good riddance… Yeah! Keep it up everyone! ……” There is a moment of silence, we hear breathing, then a scream into the microphone “This is Radio Klaxon…Klac Klac Klac! ”We feel her emotion radiate through the radio waves “ It’s nine thirty five.” she laughs and puts a record on, passionate Flamenco guitar pumps into the car. Continue reading