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Announcing the Next EF! Journal Volunteer Work Week

8 Feb
Most recent issue of the EF! Journal, produced with the help of awesome volunteers... That's right, you're invited to come on out and make shit happen!

Most recent issue of the EF! Journal, produced with the help of awesome volunteers… That’s right, you’re invited to come on out and make shit happen!

Feb 25 – March 3, 2013

Here in Lake Worth, where the tropics begin and the fun never ends, the Earth First! Journal Collective is excited to announce our third post-Rondy volunteer work party! The first work party followed the 2012 EF! Organizers’ Conference (OC) and is going to continue to happen following the Winter & Summer Rondys. We are inviting friends of the EF! Journal with time on your hands, enthusiasm in your heart and a mode of transportation to come to South Florida to kick it in the swamps, beaches and trees as well as the new Journal Office that we will be in process of moving into. 

Although we do not have space in the vehicles we are driving to the OC to bring folks to Florida, we will be able to provide places for people to stay if you’re able to travel to Lake Worth. Email us if you have questions and to let us know that you are planning to come south: collective [at] earthfirstjournal.org and include “Volunteer Work Party” in the subject line. Thanks!

RNC 2012 action organized by Everglades Earth First! and the EF! J Collective... proof we don't just work in an office, folks!

RNC 2012 action organized by Everglades Earth First! and the EF! J Collective… proof we don’t just work in an office, folks!

Things you can do to plug into the EF! Journal from afar:

  • Submit articles, announcements, art and more to be consider for the print edition of the Earth First! Journal.
  • Become a contributor on the EF! Newswire!
  • Help produce EF! News, our newsletter of compiled newswire posts.
  • Apply to work at the EF! Journal in Lake Worth, Florida, applications are available in the “About” section of the newswire.
  • Set up a fundraising event in solidarity with Earth First! in your town, for example, a concert, party, or garage sale. Ask the collective for knowledge garnered from previous events.
  • Create and send us awesome art for us to consider for new sticker, patch, pin and t-shirts designs as well as on flyers and possibly in the Journal.
  • Table a local event selling EF! merch and printed media! We would like to present at every opportunity possible, help get the EF! Journal more exposure and subscribers and network for your local community!
  • Subscribe to the Earth First! Journal! You can order a subscription to the Journal online at www.earthfirstjournal.org, or send a $30 check  to “Earth First! Journal” at PO Box 964, Lake Worth, FL 33460.
  • Get creative! Share your fundraising ideas with us.

Celebrate a global justice holiday today at the EF! Film Fest! in Lake Worth

30 Nov

WTO welcomingThirteen years ago today, a grassroots movement took to the streets of Seattle and shut the city down, effectively ruining the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) summit and turning the global tide against corporate rule. Four years later, we faced off with the one of the most well-funded police forces in the world in the streets of Miami to expose the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) summit.

This evening we will be celebrating these amazing events of Novembers past at the first annual Earth First! Film Fest, hosted by the EF! Journal Collective, with independent films from about the mobilizations in Miami and Seattle, along with other films on industrial globalization and its discontents.

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Earth First! Journal Volunteer Work Week set for this Summer

7 Jun

And you might even get to meet some locals from the Everglades EF! crew who pulled of this anti-biotech canopy occupation, last year…

Hey you campaign hoppers and summer travelers! If you have a way to get down to South Florida following this summer’s Round River Rendezvous, consider joining forces with the Earth First! Journal.

The Earth First! Journal Collective is hosting a Volunteer Work Week for July 16-20th. The kickoff is Saturday and Sunday (14th & 15th) with a camp out in the Everglades watershed (location TBA), including a possible canoe trip on the Loxahatchee river.
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Dolphin Dealing Mayor Resigns Mysteriously from City of Lake Worth

5 May

Dolphin Dealing ex-Mayor Varela

After a controversial election in 2009, Rene Varela of Ocean Embassy dolphin traffickers, who was featured in the Canadian documentary Dolphin Dealer, became mayor in the city of Lake Worth, Florida (the new home to the Earth First! Journal).

According to an article in the Palm Beach Post, Mayor Rene Varela abruptly resigned this Tuesday by sending an email to fellow commissioners, triggering a special election this summer to fill the mayor’s seat. Varela announced in December that he would not seek a second two-year term. At the time, Varela promised to complete the remainder of his first term, which ends in November.

Varela did not attend Tuesday’s commission meeting. His resignation was announced in a letter read by Vice Mayor Suzanne Mulvehill.