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Why We Fight: Anti-Nuke Victory in Florida Serves as Reminder

14 Aug

by Panagioti / Earth First! News

Rainbow Springs

Two organizers who fought for the waters, plants and creatures of the Nature Coast, enjoying the source springs of Rainbow River.

Geologists estimate that there are more than 700 springs in Florida, representing the largest concentration of freshwater springs on Earth.

Most of these springs are concentrated in the northwestern portion of the peninsula, known as The Nature Coast, the heart of which was poised for clearing thousands of acres of forest and wetlands for one of the first proposals of the nuclear Renaissance. 

When Earth First! activists in Florida joined with local land owners and organizers around the state four years ago, it was hard to envision how victory could actually come about in the face of nukes being presented as the only alternative to fossil fuel.

Today, thanks to social pressure and crumbling economies, there is a renewed trend: from Georgia to California, nukes are on their way out again—even ones that were already under construction.

Let this be a lesson to those who are prone to the dilemma of Albert Markovski. (“Maybe I should quit. Don’t quit. Maybe I should just fucking quit. Don’t fucking quit…”)

Excerpts below from a statement by an organizer with NIRS, who were an “intervening party” on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s permit in Levy, gives a bit more of the nitty-gritty:   Continue reading