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Cascadia Calling!

10 Aug

by Cascadia Forest Defenders

elliott group photo

Comrades, Allies, Friends!

For almost three months, Cascadia Forest Defenders have been tree sitting and blockading the White Castle Timber sale – against the destruction of the remaining old forests and for the right of all living things to exist. We intend to stay until  White Castle is once more a forest and no longer a timber sale and will continue to maintain our blockades while pressuring the powers that be to back off.

We are calling out for more blockaders, tree sitters, dreamers, the malcontent, all folks of a diversity of skill sets and abilities to come join us. Continue reading

Indigenous Town in Mexico Celebrates Two Years of Autonomy and Defense of their Community Forest

24 Apr

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By Andalusia Knoll, April 23 2013. 

[See previous EF! Newswire coverage of the Purepecha struggle for autonomy and ecology in Michoacan, Mexico.]

After two years of resisting illegal logging and organized crime, indigenous people in the town of Chéran Mexico demand justice for their assassinated community members and respect for their autonomous government.

Indiana Bill Would Make It Illegal to Expose Factory Farms, Clearcutting and Fracking

2 Apr

Yeah.. Like this picture would be a no-go.

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Indiana lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it illegal to photograph or videotape things like factory farming, clear-cutting forests, mining, and fracking.

You read that correctly. Under Indiana’s SB 0373, anyone who sets foot on corporate property in order to document environmental, animal welfare, and health violations of these industries would face criminal penalties.

The bill has already passed the Senate, and is on track to pass the full House. It is part of a wave of similar legislation introduced across the country that have been dubbed “ag-gag” bills. [Here’s a detailed look at ag-gag efforts nationally.] But Indiana is poised to become the first state to pass an ag-gag bill this year.

This ag-gag trend is the brainchild of the Big Ag industry, working with the American Legislative Exchange Council. What’s especially troubling about Indiana’s bill, though, is that it extends far beyond factory farms to the timber, mining, and manufacturing industries. Continue reading

Corruption, Justice and Forest Defense—Michoacan Style

14 Jan
Forest defenders from Cheran, Michoacan are in solidarity with the Idle No More movement from Canada.

Forest defenders from Cheran, Michoacan display their solidarity with the Idle No More movement in Canada.

In the previous edition of EF! News (Litha 2012), we featured the story of resistance from indigenous Purepecha communities who are defending their forests from narco-government corruption and illegal logging.

Earlier this week, Simòn Sedillo of elenemigocomun.net posted “Self-Determination and Self-Defense in Cherán, Michoacán” [see story below], which made connections between the organized crime and political corruption that manifests as the government, both in the US and in Mexico. As we all know, this crooked conglomeration is a the root of most ecological devastation on the planet. But as many of us have yet to accept, the possibilities for community defense range a much broader spectrum of strategy and tactics then is generally found in the toolbox of US activists. Sedillo’s post also included the following recent video documenting the the Purepecha autonomous uprising. 

Continue reading

Anti-Loggers Held Back by Officials

11 May

Forestry Administration officials reportedly blocked vehicles in three provinces from travelling to Koh Kong town yesterday on their way to the site where prominent environmental activist Chut Wutty was shot last month.

Activists arrive last night at the Wat Thmei pagoda in Koh Kong town, where they planned to stay the night before proceeding today to the area where activist Chut Wutty was shot last month. Photograph: May Titthara/Phnom Penh Post

But hundreds of others from six provinces in a convoy of 27 vans made it to the provincial capital where they were to spend the night at Wat Thmey then travel to Mondul Seima district’s Bak Khlang commune today for a ceremony for Chut Wutty at Veal Bei point.

Chhim Savuth, a co-ordinator for public forums at the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, said villagers travelling from Koh Kong, Kampong Speu and Stung Treng provinces were all blocked.

“It is an illegal action and a violation of human rights,” he said.

In Kampong Thom, Forestry Administration officials forced about 50 villagers travelling to join the convoy to get out of their vans and made them thumbprint a report.

“The [Forestry Administration] authorities should support villagers, because they are opposing illegal logging,” Continue reading

New Tree Sit in Tasmania

19 Dec

Check out the blog theObserverTree to get real time updates and offer support.

by CRAIG HOGGETT / The Mercury

Miranda Gibson of Still Wild Still Threatened in her new tree-top home in the Styx Valley. Picture: MATT THOMPSON

[On December 14, the Tasmanian forest defense group] Still Wild Still Threatened…set up a 60m-high tree sit-in at the TN044B logging coupe near Maydena inside the 430,000ha being assessed for reserve status under the forestry peace deal.

The “Observer Tree” will be occupied by SWST’s Miranda Gibson, who was one of two activists assaulted by workers during a protest in 2008.

Speaking to the media via mobile phone from the platform, Ms Gibson said she would maintain a blog and a web camera to broadcast to the world.

“It’s a different approach because one of our major concerns is that there is a misconception out there that the forest has been protected,” Ms Gibson said. “We want people to see what is happening in the forests.”

She said she was committed to staying on the platform until logging in 13 coupes inside the area being assessed for protection stopped.

Technical difficulties prevented Ms Gibson from speaking to journalists via video-link, but SWST expect the webcast to be up in the next few days.

Senator Bob Brown yesterday used his taxpayer-funded charter allowance to hire a helicopter to allow media outlets to photograph and film the tree-sit from the air.

He said Premier Lara Giddings and Prime Minister Julia Gillard were dishonouring their own agreement by allowing Forestry Tasmania to log the coupes.

“Their word is being clear-felled by what I judge is illegal logging. If this agreement has any legal force then this logging is illegal,” Senator Brown said.

“I didn’t write this agreement, I didn’t have anything to do with it, but the Prime Minister did and the Premier did. The Prime Minister wrote to me and said these forests had been placed in informal reserves.”

Forestry Tasmania’s general manager of operations Steve Whitely said the coupe was one of 13 being logged inside the assessment area that was identified by independent schedulers as necessary for supply contracts.

He described the protest as frustrating and pointless given that forestry operations would shut down for about a month from tomorrow.

“Forestry Tasmania needs to keep operating and we need to select some coupes that are suitable to meet our customers’ needs and we’re doing that while there’s a verification process going on,” Mr Whitely said.

Ms Kerr said that she would not be deterred by the Christmas shutdown. “I’ll stay up here and keep an eye on things and be here ready when they get back,” she said.



Tasmania’s forests defense groups ramp up protest action

25 Jul

By Danielle McKay

For full article go here

Tasmanian Still Wild Still Threatened activists scaled Parliament House in Canberra yesterday in protest at Sunday’s Heads of Agreement signing and have pledged to continue action.

Huon Valley Environment Centre also vowed to continue non-violent actions yesterday, including illegally boarding woodchip ships, chaining protesters to forestry equipment, blocking roads with tripods, and community walk-ins.

Environment centre spokeswoman Jenny Weber said the agreement failed to offer immediate protection to high conservation areas because verification of the final 430,000ha would take months. Ms Weber said it also fell well short of protecting the initial 572,000ha that conservation groups identified as high-conservation-value forests.

“We will be maintaining our vigilance and will continue to engage in non-violent action until the forests are protected as promised,” she said.

For further coverage go here

Call to Defend Old Growth Forests in Eastern Oregon

13 May

Northern Spotted owl in Deschutes National Forests

An Action Alert from the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project (BMBP) is asking people to help stop the Forest Service from moving forward on the 5 Buttes timber sale in Deschutes National Forest. At stake are over 3,000 acres of Northern Spotted owl habitat suitable for nesting, roosting and foraging. The Forest Service admits that the area would no longer be suitable habitat after the sale, which has no size limit for logging. The diverse forest includes old growth Sugar pine, Shasta Red fir, Grand fir, White pine, Ponderosa pine, and Douglas fir. While representatives of the Forest Service from the Crescent Ranger District claim the 5 Buttes sale is scheduled for later in the year, BMBP (a group which has been surveying timber sales in Eastern Oregon for 20 years) believes that the sale could begin destroying the area at any time.

View across Davis Lake, which is adjacent to the 5 Buttes timber sale

Oregon is home to some of this country’s last remaining old growth, native forests. Tell the Forest Service to cancel the 5 Buttes sale now.

You can call the Deschutes Forest Supervisor and tell ’em how you feel at (541) 383-5300. And if that isn’t satisfying, call the people responsible for managing the sale at the Crescent Ranger District (541) 433-3200.

And if that don’t do it, get ready to strap on your climbing harnesses…