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Don’t Forget: Today is International Day of Solidarity with Eco-Prisoners

11 Jun

It’s not too late to show your solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason, and all long-term anarchist prisoners


Today the Earth First! Journal Collective and volunteers wrote letters and sent pictures to our friends behind bars

This is the third annual June 11th celebrated in solidarity with political prisoners. In the last two years, many have participated in actions to show support for those held hostage by the State. You can send a letter, write a poem, draw picture, donate to their support funds, or take action to show your love!

Write to Eric McDavid: www.supporteric.org

Write to Marie Mason: www.supportmariemason.org

Tomorrow and Thursday, June 12-13, are also days to support Oso Blanco, an Indigenous rights activist and political prisoner who is being denied medical attention despite his critical condition. Find out more here.

Check out the NYC Anarchist Black Cross’s Illustrated Guide to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War for more on political prisoners and how you can reach out to them.

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June 11: International Day of Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid

4 Jun

from June11.org

June 11th began as an international day of solidarity with long-term eco-prisoner Jeff “Free” Luers in 2004. At the time, Jeff was serving 22+ years. Infuriated by the environmental devastation he saw occurring on a global scale, Jeff torched three SUVs at a car dealership in Eugene, OR. The sentence imposed on him was meant to send a clear message to others who were angered by capitalism’s continued war on the Earth’s ecosystems – and to those who were willing to take action to put a stop to it. Jeff is, after all, not alone in his concerns about climate change, fossil fuels, pollution and genetically modified organisms.

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