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Rail Lines in Central Oregon Sabotaged in Solidarity with PNW Anarchists

3 May

What sets Earth First! apart from others in the North American environmental/ecology/anti-extraction movement?  Arguably it is EF!’s public presence and simultaneous idealogical support for clandestine actions.  For more read this article from the 2011 Beltane issue of the Earth First! Jounal.

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Thu, 05/02/2013 – 21:04 — Anonymous (not verified)

Late at night on May Day we sabotaged a rail line in Central Oregon to interrupt the flow of commodities. Capital depends more than ever on the metropolis, the constant flow of commodities, services, capital, information, and any interruption of that flow is a small victory. We took this action in solidarity with all those facing investigation, imprisonment, and repression in the Northwest. As we become more dangerous, the danger to us grows as well, but we will not cower in the face of the face of those who would control us. We took this action knowing full well the extent of political repression in the Pacific Northwest in the present. Not because we want to show our defiance or rage to the state; to them we have nothing to say. We acted because our love for our comrades far outweighs our fear of repression, and because love is an action, not a feeling.

This action was quick and easy. Using copper wire with the ends stripped, we wrapped both ends of wire around the rail and buried the middle section. This sends a false signal that there is a train on the tracks, delaying any other movement until the blockage is cleared.

In solidarity with those resisting the grand jury, those facing investigation, and those who, in the face of the media and massive police preparations, still managed to bring some destruction to the streets of Seattle.

Celebrate Keith McHenry’s Birthday by Supporting Resistance to Mining in Indonesia

30 Apr
Beltane Fire Festival, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland

Beltane Fire Festival, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland

Earth First! Newswire

As all good eco-revolutionaries know, tomorrow is May Day, or Beltane for all you neo-pagan anarcho-hippy types like some of us at the EF! Newswire.

But that’s not all. It’s also the birthday of Keith McHenry, a co-founder of the international Food Not Bombs (FNB) movement, a revolutionary endeavor which he is practically synonymous with.

Keith McHenry at the Grand Canyon

Keith McHenry at the Grand Canyon

The history of FNB has been intertwined with Earth First! practically since its inception, with a parallel 32 year history and an intermingling of activists which continues today. So it only seems fitting that we would honor Keith’s birthday by honoring the request he made for people to stand with Javanese residents (some who are now political prisoners) in resisting mining from destroying their communities and home ecosystems.

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August 31st: National Day of Action for the Cleveland 4!

14 Aug

Brandon Baxter, one of the Cleveland 4, grew up in Lakewood, Ohio. He is a skilled craftsman, specializing in leatherworking, and he identifies strongly with his Blackfoot Native American ancestry.

On Friday, August 31st, join your comrades around the country in raising legal support funds for the Cleveland 4, who were entrapped by the FBI and face up to life in prison because of their politics and association with the Occupy movement. The defendants need to raise $80K to create the best defense possible against the government’s sensational prosecution based on manufactured crimes.

You can find out more here and donate online here or by sending checks or money orders made out to “Conveyor Belt Collective” at PO Box 602117, Cleveland, OH 44102.

Arrested in Cleveland on April 30th in a calculated move designed to disrupt May Day protests and celebrations everywhere, five people initially faced charges for an alleged conspiracy to destroy a bridge. Continue reading

Happy Beltane! Merry May Day!

1 May

From Oakland to Asia, from Madrid to Moscow people are striking, and celebrating!

Here in South Florida the Earth First! Journalistas are celebrating the completion of the Betane 2012 issue of the Journal! It is out of our hands and will be into yours in the next few weeks.

Here is a sneak preview of two fantastic articles! Keep an eye out for more to come.

My Flaming Arrow to the Heart of the Movement: a Response to the OC “Give EF! a Kick-In-The-Ass”/Anti-Oppression Discussion

We Are The .00018%! Does EF! Carry the Capacity for a Justice Based Approach to Overpopulation?